Logistics is becoming one of the most powerful and profitable industries these days. It becomes of prime importance to receive goods and products on time. More and more agencies are appearing in the market. The competition is really fierce. No wonder, every freight forwarding company tries to satisfy its clients and provide them with exceptional services. 

Thus, the pick and pack option is gaining popularity. Pick and pack is a system of selecting customers’ orders and placing them directly into a shipping box. This system eliminates the need for repacking for shipping, thereby making packing faster.

Warehousing is an essential element of any delivery process. If it’s not organized in a proper way, you are to experience delays or even cargo losses. The right choice of picking method is a must if you want to boost shipping. It’s necessary to consider the following points:

  • Customer service requirements.
  • Physical product characteristics.
  • Facility size and layout.
  • Level of automation.
  • Type of infrastructure and technology in the warehouse you use.
  • Specific processes.
  • Operational maturity.
  • Available capacities and workforce.

At the moment, there are about 7 available picking methods. Pick and pack is the newest one. It was created in order to meet the needs of retailers and eCommerce. The method is typically used in the retail industry, where instead of shipping large pallets of goods, businesses use employees to individually pick merchandise from their location within the warehouse and then pack them into the appropriate packaging with the relevant order invoice for shipment.

Pick and pack seems to be an ideal solution for your business if the speed of delivery is of prime importance for you. All fulfillment activities are performed under one roof.  

While modern warehouses use automated systems, it becomes even easier to arrange your goods and products. There are copious ways in which a business could organize its warehouse to optimize layout and space. It’s a good idea to experience maintaining warehouse cleanliness, implementing a labeling system, having a separate warehouse dedicated solely to picking or using aisle signs and slotting methods.

Pick and pack is an ideal solution for small stores and large enterprises. If you deal with LTL delivery processes, it’s good, too. If you still wonder who this method may benefit your business, you should consider the following information. It allows you to enlarge the spectrum of products and services you offer to the clients. By the way, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to implement manual or automated variation. The next perk you can’t but appreciate is the possibility to reduce costs. It’s possible to get rid of the so-called “middle man”. It doesn’t require a business to store its products remotely and send them elsewhere to be shipped.       

To conclude, it’s worth highlighting that it’s a good idea to experience various innovations while looking for the ideal logistics solution for your business. The world is changing so rapidly. New technologies allow us to save time and eliminate difficulties while shipping cargo both – locally and worldwide.