Playing the role of a waitress or stewardess is like doing an enduring job. There is plenty of invisible work at the shift. Working at a restaurant or a high-reputation cafe leaves no time to rest. Working as a waiter or waitress means there’s no literal running about, but it involves lots of walking.

General restaurant protocols require their server to wear uniforms where the waitress can select the footwear. The management may specify a specific dress or color code to be followed.

The situation is simple for the male waiting staff; there are only a certain number of shoes for a man to choose from, most of which are comfortable to walk in. However, for a waitress, even after following the dress code, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. In this article, we will focus on how to pick the perfect waitress shoes. The following three things must be kept in mind when selecting the ideal pair of shoes for a waitress to wear at work:

  1. Comfort

This should be the most important thing when selecting shoes for a waitress. The sole of the shoe must be comfortable and flexible. It needs to have a good grip and be slip-resistant. Slipping or skidding is a massive nightmare for any waitress. The shoe’s upper part must be flexible and durable, too, as there are chances of food dropping on them or stepping on food. If the boots are not stable, they will need changing quite often.

  1. Match with place and uniform

Most restaurants have a uniform. If the dress code follows the classic style, classic black shoes are a great option. Neutral colors also pair well with most outfits. Otherwise, one must pick shoes that fit well with the restaurant environment; i.e., when waiting at a childish restaurant, consider bright and colorful footwear. Hype sneakers are also good when working at a hip-hop coffee shop. Going with the restaurant’s theme even helps get to know customers, as appearances make a first impression.

  1. Need to be attractive

Every woman prefers beautiful things, and so do customers. The work of a stewardess or waitress is not to blend in but stand out and be noticeable. Women in high heels always look attractive. If you are accustomed to wearing high heels, choose a medium heel for better walking. It is wise to select heels only when you have mastered the art of walking in heels. Otherwise, it might even make your job more difficult. Sometimes an attractive waitress also helps the restaurant draw in more customers.

Waitressing at a restaurant is challenging, not a job to be taken lightly. People mistake it as a low job that does not require much skill, but the opposite is true. Only a waitress knows this to be wrong. Being a professional waiter requires skill and practice, and the perfect pair of shoes is always an excellent way to start and end your day at this job. Place your order now!