Choosing the right casino from among the many available may not be an easy process. And, indeed, it is not. When choosing an online Canadian WooCasino, it is important to consider factors that are not obvious to non-skilled players at first glance.

In the process of choosing the casino that suits you best, you must first make sure that the casino meets the most important criteria, such as accepting players from the country in which you live, as well as the casino’s reputation for fair play and payouts. of profits. Second, you can choose a casino depending on the availability of customer service in your language, the attractiveness of the casino website design, or the variety of games it offers.

We strive to include casinos that have most of these features in our list of online casinos. You can use the casino list with the advanced filter function to find the online casino that suits you best.

1. The casino fully accepts players from your country

Always make sure that the casino fully accepts players from the country in which you have your home address. Many countries officially block online casinos and do not allow them to operate within their territory. In practice, however, not all countries apply this ban to every casino. Also, not all countries can control casinos based in countries that are “legal gambling paradises”. However, many casinos prefer to back down and not accept players from these countries.

If you live in such a country, the casino may allow you to register and play, but if you do win, they will ask for proof of residence from another country. They will invoke their terms and conditions.

2. The online casino has a good reputation

An online casino is like an insurance company. You will find out if your insurance company is good only when a loss-making event occurs and your insurance company compensates you for the damage. You will find out if the casino you play is good only after you win a large amount and the casino pays your money without any objection. There are many recorded cases where online casinos have cheated players.

  1. The most common methods of deception are:
  • The casino refuses to pay winnings that the player has justly earned :
  • The casino registers the winnings as a software error and does not accept that the players are entitled to them. The casino tries to force the player to accept compensation of 10-20% of the winnings.
  • The casino pays, but on the condition that the player will continue to play.
  • The casino applies too low withdrawal limits that do not allow a larger amount to be withdrawn.
  • For no reason, the casino delays withdrawals (for weeks, maybe even months). The casino repeatedly asks for player ID verifications to delay.
  • The casino justifies refusing to pay winnings in other ways.
  • The casino offers counterfeit, unlicensed games with lower payouts. Games are usually exact copies of favorite games created by reputable software companies, and you can hardly tell them apart from the original games.
  • The casino often uses a term related to the abuse of bonuses. The casino notes any player who converts a bonus into real money as a bonus abuser and cancels all bonus money.

Because of these methods, it is a good idea to check the reputation of an online casino before making a deposit and withdraw. We check for you the reputation of all the casinos on our list. If we find that a casino is acting immorally, we delete it.