Around the world, couples in difficulty with childbearing are in search of reliable information on reproductive services. The first and most important thing that interests them, of course, is the price of a surrogate mother and assisted reproductive technologies. And here the temptation is great to try to save money by asking for ART in a country where surrogacy is legally permitted only on a non-profit basis (Australia, Great Britain, Canada).

However, such a calculation is fundamentally wrong: the high cost of medical procedures and legal services, together with the lack of guaranteed programs (even unsuccessful IVF and repeated procedures in the event of an interrupted pregnancy will have to be paid) nullify the imaginary benefit. Add to this the need to pay for the current expenses of a surrogate mother, your stay in the country during medical programs – the total amount comes close to a hundred thousand dollars (and sometimes even exceeds it). At the same time, no one gives any guarantees to the married couple: your money may end before the next IVF leads to a healthy pregnancy, and subsequently to the birth of a healthy child.

In countries where commercial surrogacy is permitted, guaranteed programs are often lacking. That is, again you will have to pay for each procedure, as well as the surrogate mother fee for any outcome. So, for example, only the price of a surrogate mother in the United States can exceed $ 50 thousand. Approximately the same cost will be one (!) ART cycle (examinations, preparation for IVF, the procedure itself, pregnancy monitoring, legal services, etc.). And this does not include the cost of living in the country and the payment of the cost of the surrogate mother during pregnancy. And also no guarantee: all the risks associated with unsuccessful IVF and abortion fall on the shoulders and wallet of the couple.

The ideal situation in connection with the above arguments: to find a clinic that works on the principle of guaranteed programs. That is, you pay for a certain result (having a baby or achieving a pregnancy), and the clinic takes all the risks and provides this result for a fixed cost. You will be surprised, but the Feskov Human Reproduction Group successfully implements a guaranteed program, including the birth of a healthy child, legal services for his legalization in your country, the price of a surrogate mother, unlimited number of donor eggs, as well as guest service (accommodation + meals). Future parents are completely safe from all risks: in the event of an unsuccessful IVF or termination of pregnancy at any time, the clinic will conduct the entire cycle of procedures at its own expense until the result specified in the contract (childbirth) is achieved. No problems with parental rights in relation to the newborn will arise: in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, the surrogate mother does not have any rights to the child born.

Check out the guaranteed programs of different levels on our website, ask any questions the manager in online chat – we will help you choose the most promising program for each couple of future parents.