Thanksgiving is arriving pretty soon, which means barbecue parties and family dinners are also not long away. What are you planning to do this Thanksgiving? 

Due to the pandemic, we’ve been locked in our homes the entire year. It’s time we have a little fun. As we have social responsibilities and due to the SOPs, large gatherings at public places won’t be possible. What we can do is arrange an intimate barbecue party at home. 

That’s right, guys. You can have your close friends and family over. Trust me, it’s going to be so much fun. However, arranging a barbecue party for your loved ones can be tricky. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about it. In this article today, I’m going to highlight some of the most incredible tricks that will help you arrange the best barbecue party and become the talk of the town. Ready, set, go!

Choose an Appropriate Space 

For an outdoor barbecue party, the first thing you need is appropriate space. I usually prefer doing it on my patio, you can choose the space depending on your house. If you have a patio or backyard, it’s great as you already have a great place for the barbecue. 

In case you have an apartment, you can do it on your terrace. In the worst-case scenario, if you don’t have a terrace in your apartment or if it’s not big enough to host a party, you can simply rent the rooftop area in your apartment building. A rooftop barbecue will surely make you the talk of the town. 


The decorations matter more than you know. Other than good company, it’s a primary aspect that can make your party attractive to your guests. Hence, you must pay attention to the decor of your party area. 

Make sure there’s proper seating space and lighting in the party area. If you plan to throw the barbecue party at night, you cannot compromise the lights. I suggest you purchase a small-sized portable generator for the power backup and ensure you have enough floor lamps and fairy lights. 

Besides that, I would recommend you add cushions to the seating area. Cushions bring along a sense of warmth, something that your guests will appreciate a lot. If not the cushions, breakfast rolls are also an option. 

Martinis, Martinis, Martinis 

What’s the point in hosting a barbecue party if you’re not going to offer amazing martinis to your guests? I’m sure your party would be pretty lifeless without drinks. Not to forget, it’s the Thanksgiving barbecue party we’re referring to. 

Drinking a little more than usual is allowed on Thanksgiving, so don’t worry about getting drunk. Ask your friends and family what they like and arrange the drinks accordingly. 

Albeit I recommend offering martinis, you can still ask your loved ones about it. For example, a few of my friends prefer whiskey over martinis, so I always keep a bottle or two of whiskey whenever hosting a party at home.

Some Delicious Food 

An outdoor barbecue is all about trying out new and different barbecue recipes. So if you haven’t looked up new barbecue recipes till now, you’re in for a treat. I have extracted a few scrumptious options for this Thanksgiving barbecue party that I’m planning to host. I suggest you check them out, too. 

Slow-Grilled Turkey 

As you know, a Thanksgiving barbecue party remains incomplete without Turkey. Make sure Turkey is slowly cooked, properly marinated, and grilled before serving it to your guests. Also, don’t forget to serve cranberry sauce and sautéed vegetables with it.

Grilled Beef Steak 

Ranking second is the grilled beef steak. Not having beef steaks can ruin the essence of outdoor barbecue; therefore, it’s another mandatory item. Keep the meat marinated and grill it outside with your loved ones. Be sure to serve it with pineapple or lemon sauce, whatever you please. 

The Traditional Chicken Barbecue 

Not everyone likes beef or Turkey, but chicken is one thing that everyone appreciates. Thus, you must not forget about the traditional chicken barbecue. Other than the chicken tikka, you can also include chicken roast, ribs, and grilled fish. Oh, and mint sauce is essential to go with it. 

Music Arrangements 

What makes you think you’re done with all the barbecue party arrangements? Who’s going to arrange the music? Whenever throwing a party, you must remember that ambiance matters the most. 

One way to improve the ambiance instantly is by the music. Add all the latest songs to your playlist for the night. You can either burn a CD or connect your smartphone with Bluetooth speakers. 

While everyone eats, you should go with classic or jazz. Once everyone’s done eating, you can play your party songs and dance your heart out. Fine music will definitely make your night memorable. You have my word.

The Goodie Bags

Last but not least, I suggest you prepare some cute, little goodie bags for your guests. As I mentioned earlier, my tips will make you talk to the town, so making goodie bags is a must. They will serve as a reminder to the party for your guests. 

There’s not much that you need to do. Simply order a few gift bags or boxes and fill them up with little things. For example, a thank-you letter, a scented candle, a mini sanitizer, customized napkins, and a face mask. Is it too much? 

All these things are commonly available at every supermarket or pharmacy. They’re pocket-friendly commodities and when buying in bulk, they will definitely become cheaper. It’s going to be a gesture of love for your friends and family and they’ll love you for it.

If you prefer to just enjoy the party rather than spend all of your time preparing and doing all of the cooking, you can always hire a concierge service like Tailgater Concierge. They offer different tailgate packages for small and huge events. You can visit to know more.

Pretty simple. Isn’t it? Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and throw a jaw-dropping outdoor barbecue party for your friends and family this Thanksgiving. Life is all about making memories, so forget about everything and lose yourself for the night. Have fun!