We live in an information driven world where a click of a page puts us across a new world of ideas, discoveries and solutions. Websites, YouTube and other platforms are ceaselessly uploading information and solutions to all your problems. But not all things found digitally are practical or advisable as certain things are best left to experience and experts. One point in case is eradication or removal of pests from your homes. Pest removal is a skill not everyone possesses. To successfully remove them, calling in Pest Control Brisbane service providers would guarantee a seamless and smooth execution in shortest time bringing maximum results.

No matter how earnest your intentions are in trying to do the risky act of pest removal, when it comes to wild life like squirrels or possums, engaging specialist Possum Removal Brisbane service providers would be the safest choice to take both for you and the animal as many animals are protected by the government laws.

Why DIY animal removal is risky?

Damage to property: Wild animals are tough to tackle and unpredictable. Experiences personnel of Pest Control Brisbane service providers have a valid license and are experience for proper animal removal with trained methods and techniques that abide by safety precautions for people and property and yet doing the removal smoothly. But if you try this with no experience you would be harming yourself, your property and possibly going wrong with trapping and incur bites or stings from those pests.

Personal harm: Many home owners might be feeling confident about handling their own pets and think handling another animal will be a cakewalk. Sadly most animals that stray in human abodes are simply there to fend for themselves and also avoid interfacing with humans. They become disoriented and feel threatened when they realize they are trapped and then lash out. So when stressed a normally calm animal will become aggressive that might seriously harm the human in front and in severe cases might land up in hospital.

Health risks from disease: Many wild animals carry disease causing pathogens-germs, bacteria, virus. Also their droppings and urine also cause disease causing organisms that might infect food or water and spread to humans and cause serious health issues like food poisoning, etc. Hiring professional exterminators do excellent removal with right techniques to move the animal to a safe place and restore peace and balance to your homes. 

Chemical risks: By not knowing the chemical composition of store bought pest solutions many D-I-Y techniques bring in more harm for themselves and their pets than good in their effort to do pest control themselves. 

Injury to animal: If you go wrong in trying to remove an animal yourself you might end up causing harm to the animal and taking law into your hands if the animal comes under the protected list. Typically in Australia, possum removal is best left to Possum Removal Brisbane service experts who effortlessly do the needful with not much harm to the animal.

Disposal Issues: Many occasions the pest issue concerns a dead body removal and not lives one. The decayed remains can harbor toxic gases and germs that might contaminate and let out a horrible stench. The carcass needs to be disposed responsibly and not along with other garbage matter since this might run into legal issues.  Also the place where the dead body was found needs to be properly sanitized which only experts can ensure.

Expenses and Time: Homeowners resort to DIY efforts thinking they will save money instead of calling experts. But any lapse in doing it right actually brings in more expenses and ends up wasting your time. By calling trained personnel who know the work ensures both, money is used to bring results and time is saved as everything is handled by them. Experts also used the most humane approach to remove animals with minimum harm.

Looking into the specifics of Possum removal-a common occurrence

Let us first know a bit about these beady eyed creatures.

Possums are often sighted carrying their pups around their pouches. They have their uses as they eat ticks but if they burrow inside your property you have a pest problem in your hand. They resemble a large rat with white, gray or brown coats and have a long tail. Both their ears and tails are hairless. They are very good climbers but like to stay away from human company. Being nocturnal they also avoid noise and light. They do a bit of an act when they feel threatened. They growl and then roll over as if dead and release an offensive odor. Possums scavenge on worms, insects, snakes, grains and fruit and also bodies of dead animals on roads.

Risks from Possums

 Garbage loving possums spread themselves in residential neighborhood and attack chicken and smaller fowl in farms and open yards. Homeowners for this reason like to set traps for them to safeguard their domestic animals. Though possum removal is and should be done by expert Possum removal Brisbane service providers, here are a few tips on performing your own control act.

 Regulations: Ensure that it’s legal to trap and release possums. If it is illegal it’s better not to try any tricks. But if it is allowed does the baiting properly and safely remove the animal at a safe distance away from infestation.

 Using cage traps: To keep possum alive the animals are trapped in cages and then relocated. While buying traps know the size of animal before you purchase the cage as they come in many sizes.

 Choose the right bait:  Possums love sweet things. Using baits like cat food, fruits, marshmallows, fish are effective. Right baits attract right pests as sometimes using food not meant for possums might attract cats or other pests.

Regular check up of traps: The ultimate aim is to trap creatures and remove them to safe places. If you do not check regularly the possum might die and then there would be another problem. 

Relocation should be done quickly: Once you have a possum inside the cage trap, it must be relocated soon. If it is delayed the animal might get dehydrated and die.

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