EGaming continues to beat the odds to become one of the most vibrant industries in the 21st Century. In Africa, millions have signed up with different casino websites to play their favorite games. And as game development companies acquire licenses in different parts of the world, Africa’s gambling market has become a focal point. The catch is that online gambling in Africa is underexploited. It is because of some legal hurdles that make it hard to establish casino business in some parts of the continent. But in countries where governments have embraced a regulated eGaming industry, hundreds of casino sites have been established.

For example, South Africa, often regarded as Africa’s gambling Mecca, is the place to be if you want to enjoy an unlimited gambling experience and even access some of the world’s reputed casino websites. But it is not just online lotto that takes the lion’s share in South Africa’s eGaming industry. Online blackjack games are notwithstanding popular in most parts of the continent. Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana are also among the most gambling countries in Africa. The existence of regulatory bodies that oversee gambling businesses in the above countries ensures a safe eGaming environment. This post delves into Africa’s gambling scene to explore the most popular online casino table games on the continent. 

Why Table Games are Popular in Africa

Because there are lots of table games to play on gambling sites, the popularity of each one is an important factor to consider. Note that it is not just in Africa where these games rank high on the popularity ladder. In most cases, gamblers play table games because it is all about strategy and making the right decisions. They are not like slots that most rely on chance. The catch is that players who strategize better improve their winning odds. You don’t have to spin any reel and wait for one in a million chances of winning in the outcome. 

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Table games come in a variety, which explains why they are popular across the continent. For example, blackjack can have as many as thirty varieties. The same applies to roulette and poker. Having a variety of table games to choose from means players can always try something different. 

Moreover, playing table games is all about being skilled while at it. The challenge that comes with playing table games in online casinos makes them even more compelling. Many gamblers love challenging games because it helps them hone vital gaming skills and strategies. The more table games you play, the better your learning curve gets. Moreover, they are easy to learn and play. As opposed to slots that keep changing with new titles, you can always use the same strategy to play different poker variants and still win. 

Popular Table Games in Africa

All you need to play, even the most challenging table game, is a few tricks up your sleeve. Note that you cannot cheat the system, so everything boils down to mastering the craft. But first, choosing the right game is important. The following are the most popular online casino table games in Africa.


Roulette may be one of the oldest table games in the casino world, but it still draws a lot of attention. Depending on which online casino you join, the number of table games one can play varies from one platform to another. The catch is that every online casino in Africa features tens of roulette variants. Note that a roulette table is easy to understand depending on whether it has one or double zero. Notable variants of roulette include but are not limited to American roulette, European roulette, classic roulette, and French roulette. Most African casino websites also feature live roulette games, giving you a rare glimpse of your live dealer in real-time. 

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A casino website with roulette games will hardly miss blackjack, one of the most played table games in the world today. Blackjack and roulette are often two to tango. But unlike table games, blackjack games require a more serious strategy. They are, to a larger extent, more complex than most table games you have ever played. 

The odds of winning a blackjack usually favor a gambler compared to roulette, craps, or baccarat because the house edge is lower. On popular online casino websites in Africa, blackjack games make up a large percentage of all available table games. Notable blackjack variants are European Blackjack, Vegas Strip, Double blackjack, Pontoon, and Super Fun 21. In most cases, players choose a blackjack variant depending on the level of familiarity. However, you can always choose something unique to better your experience level and gaming strategy. And as the COVID-19 Delta variant raises the new risk in Africa, you can always play live blackjack games online to avoid person-to-person contact in land-based casinos.


Poker is not only a casino table game but also a culture. In Africa, poker culture has taken roots in different countries, creating gaming tournaments in its wake. And while there are several variants of poker to play in African online casinos, Texas Hold’em is particularly popular among poker tourists and novice gamblers. 


Table games continue to dominate gaming sites in their hundreds. Even though table games are not many compared to slots, straightforward rules make them popular. To new players, always choose a game that is easy to understand and does not require a huge stake. Other notable table games that are not as popular as the above in Africa include craps and baccarat. 


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