Whenever it comes to the world of integration platforms, Dell Boomi integration with salesforce is considered to be the best among all of them. The company has pioneered the concept by creating the best quality products throughout its lifetime. It has created a multi-talent platform which helps to support the cloud and on-premise environments side-by-side providing a good amount of support to the hybrid IT environment. The system should be agile, scalable and must be able to deliver the best quality service which is ready to cope up with the latest innovations and speed.

 The company has given unique insights because of the capabilities which it has and provides the best values to the customers in the form of an integration platform. The platforms must be low code, distributed, unified, open and cloud-native. The enterprise is always striving towards the disruption digitally and the adoption of integration platforms is on the rise. As per a recent study of global IT leaders, 43% of all of them are using the integration platforms and rest are planning to adopt or deploy such platforms. This integration has helped the organization to achieve transformation digitally because it can bring the elements together for a seamless customer experience. Because of this, the consumers can now face a friction-free experience and all such things are not only limited to technology but can connect people and processes as well. They can provide a new model for the connected business and its building.

 The company has catered to the needs of more than 7000 organizations with the best quality integration products which it can provide. The integration systems from Dell have been ranked as best in the market assessments and competitive comparisons every year. 

Following are some of the most essential characteristics of a true integration system:

 1. It must be cloud-native: these platforms are designed for the cloud-based systems and help to provide all the benefits of the cloud such as high availability and high scalability. This has led to greater efficiencies in the whole system along with agility.

 2. It must be open: Such systems must effectively connect the emerging applications and sources of data so that they can be used from the right source by the specific vendors to achieve the purposes.

 3. It must be distributed: Such systems must possess the ability to integrate the digital enterprise and multi-cloud environments to IoT so that they can support the volumes of data. In this way, it can provide a great architecture to the customers.

 4. It must be unified: the application integration is the core of every organization and it must be able to provide services that can cater to the broader business network. This will help in providing economies of scale and skill with centralized management.

 The Dell Boomi integration platform helps to work very well in today’s fast-paced business environment and has been very much successful in providing a large number of benefits to the organizations which have implemented it.