Subscriber recruitment is a topical issue for webinar organizers or people who sell services online. How to gain subscribers who will be active and become future clients of the company? Here are the ways to find subscribers, how to make a mailing list and rules of effective emailing.

So, how do you encourage people to sign up for a company newsletter and increase your reader base?

A Catchy Email Subject Line

The headline plays a decisive role, it’s what makes people want to read the information. Letters with these topics are considered the most readable:

  • Personal interest. This type of subject line is most often used in marketing. The letter is supposed to help address the person’s questions and concerns. For example: “How to Seek and Develop Cool Employees. Webinar Today.”
  • Curiosity. Such topics work as intrigue, provoking a desire to read what’s next. For example: “Please, you better not do that!”
  • Suggestion is used to offer services of goods. For example, “Want to look great at any age? Need help starting a business? Let’s do it together!”
  • A sale, a promotion is a strong gimmick that involves a time and time limit. It is offered with clear limitations. For example: “Tomorrow will be too late…”, with the word “action” in the subject.
  • Letters of congratulations and thanks are a great way to remind yourself. You should write them in the name of the company. For example: “Merry Christmas from the company…(you’ll definitely like it).”
  • News. The subject line says there is valuable and new information in the letter. For example: “Sensation! Scientists have discovered a way to extend youth!”
  • A living example. Stories from other customers, students often draw attention and inspire confidence. For example: “Our student’s success story.”
  • Life Story. This type of headline is also intriguing, stimulating to read. Example: “How I lost my phone (life experience for you).”
  • Unexpected or out-of-the-box headlines. A topic that is not expected, but that will pique the interest of most readers anyway.
  • Proper design to keep you out of the spam folder
  • Often it is the spam folder that is the barrier between buyer and seller. What to do? Special knowledge will help to avoid such situations.

So, Why an Email Gets Into Spam

  • The letter contains words typical of spam: earnings, hurry up to earn money.
  • The design is too bright, colored fonts, especially red and green.
  • Presence of only a picture, no text.
  • If there is a large flow of emails per day from one address.
  • Mail address or IP hoster is in the black list among the banned.
  • The new IP address has no reputation.
  • The domain is not considered trustworthy.
  • No possibility to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

How to Make a Mass Mailing Reach the End Reader?

Email newsletters must meet basic security requirements:

  • Don’t use the words “promotion” or “money” in the subject line.
  • Don’t use a lot of punctuation (for example: very important!!!).
  • Avoid large numbers of links in your email (one or two are sufficient).
  • Do not abuse the selected text (italics, bold).
  • Be sure to have a button – unsubscribe.
  • It is better not to write all the text in capital letters (do not include Caps lock).
  • In the first letter always write which project the person is subscribed to and how to confirm the subscription.
  • Check the letter for the possibility of getting into spam through a special service.

Send a test email to [email protected], then go to and run the check. The score will be within 10, the higher, the more likely the letter will get into spam.

Checking the IP address and domain rating will help. If you still have a low rating it is worth gradually increasing the number of letters you send out. To sign the domain you must also use special keys – DKIM and SPF, which indicates the reliability of the domain.

Working With Verified Mailing Tools

Mail distribution and delivery largely depends on the reliability of the sending software.

A special mailing tool helps in sending out the letters, which facilitates the work many times. There is no need to send each person separately and spend a lot of time. Mailing has become much easier, the mailing service does the work for the person and ensures that the letters are delivered to each recipient.

Using Beautiful HTML Layout for Emails

It allows an email to look more presentable and readable. A good layout involves the creation of html code which contains the following: text, background and links. It is often the layout that determines a person’s opinion of a company. Mailing list subscribers respond more actively to nicely designed emails.

So, here are the basic rules for email newsletter layout:

  • Tabular structure. The width of the letter will be 600×700 px. Only standard fonts can be used, which will allow the letter to open in any mail agent.
  • Letter template. Usually use templates in one or two columns. One-column letters are suitable for newsletters, digests and looks good on the phone. If you use two columns, the letter will be divided into parts – navigation and additional information, the main message. All templates will be coded with HTML tables.
  • Text and links. Special characters will help ensure the correct display of text. The span tag is used when creating a text message, and line-height is used for a block or parent cell. To open a page in this window, the attribute target=”_blank” is suitable. To keep the preposition on the same line use &nbsp, and to transfer the word &shy. You should not use URLs in the email, they look like phishing – there is a link to another page and not to the one in the text.
  • Using images. Images play an important role, they help to convey the information you want and make you eager to read it. However, not all mail services place them automatically. Use the alt attribute for proper display, and set the height and width. Background images should not be used, they are rarely supported.
  • Video. Few mailers are able to support video as a download, so it’s worth using media queries which allow you to hide video files.
  • Adaptive layout – the layout of an email to adapt it for viewing from mobile devices. If the audience of readers is under 35, you need to take this factor into account. The phone screen is different in size, and emails are displayed in a reduced form.

Gifts for Subscribing

A great way to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter. It’s similar to online casino bonuses offered for particular actions. You can offer additional benefits, it may be free books, courses, and valuable information. Similar methods include discount cards, discounts to club members, newsletter subscribers. This is a mutually beneficial offer: mailing list subscribers receive information, benefits in the purchase of goods, services, and the seller – the address for the mailing list. Free subscribers are possible if you have something to share.

A Quality Subscription Page

Often links in emails lead to a one-page landing page site, and its appearance may or may not inspire confidence in newsletter readers.

Here are the main tricks of landing page design:

  • Clear and understandable information, calls to action.
  • Special buttons to perform actions (registration, for example).
  • The use of graphic pictures, moderately minimalism helps in the design of sites.
  • Convenient font so that a person could easily read the information.
  • Fixing the top of the page. This method helps people not forget the main purpose of the site.
  • The presence of contact information, feedback.

Subscribers to the newsletter are future customers, so keep their attention, attract design and information, and convey the benefits and usefulness of the product through the landing page.

The Right Form of Subscription on the Page

Subscribers to the newsletter come in through filling out a subscription form, it’s important to ensure it’s easy and straightforward. You shouldn’t ask for too much information, it scares people away. A field with a name and an email address is enough. Often it’s the complicated subscription form that is the reason for low new subscriber recruitment.

Pay attention to the appeal at the top of the form. It can be an interesting sentence, such as: “Get tips and new tricks weekly in the mail” instead of the standard, “Sign up for the email newsletter.”

A Thoughtful Series of Letters

It’s important to create a series of emails that help sell. Subscribers to the newsletter get a chain of emails, and the goal is to establish a dialogue with the customer, build trust, interest, and lead to a sale.

Letters are divided into 4 series:

  • Greetings. Helps a person to get acquainted with the company to learn about the product of the service, to arouse interest.
  • Reactivational. Cleaning the base of contacts, returning the interest of active subscribers and sifting out cold clients who do not need the product.
  • Content. Useful information in the form of articles, videos, and various announcements. The task is to become important for subscribers, a reliable friend.
  • Promotional. The offer of services in the form of promotions, specials. Helps to make a decision to buy.

The sequence of letters can vary. There are 2 variants of the most popular chains of letters:

  • Greetings – content – company news – product (promotional sale).
  • Definition of the problem – in-depth discussion of the problem – benefits, examples of success stories – offer of a solution (subscription to a course, training, etc.) – personal offer (a special discount on a course if paid).

Such chains of letters stimulate sales and help marketers meet their sales plan. Free mailings shape the sales funnel and lead to increased profits.

Mutual PR Mailings

Any company is interested in growing subscribers and expanding its base of potential customers. Mutual mailings are mutually beneficial, as subscribers come to all members of a promotional newsletter.

How does mutual promotion work? Usually there are several mailing list authors gathered – subscriber base of 1 or 2 thousand people. The number of participants can be from 9 to 30, there are different projects. By agreement at the same time, on the same date there is a mailing of their letters with information about other authors, gifts, and possible subscriptions.

Ideally, related topics are taken, a common target audience is needed. As a result, a person can subscribe to the mailing list of any author he or she likes.

If a company is purposeful and focused on results, they can also post information about authors, programs, and gifts. They recommend inserting subscription forms right away, rather than links to a subscription page. Ideally, the forms can already be filled out, which makes it easier to subscribe.

In any case, you can be sure that live subscribers will come, the number depends on the organization of the action, interest in the gifts offered.


It’s the purchase of subscribers in quality mailing lists bases. If you use other methods, but the results are not yet sufficient or you need quick results, you can buy subscribers. In this case, CPA networks will help.