Do you enjoy watching series? Are you familiar with The Most Hated-Man? The Netflix documentary series “The Most Hated-Man” is based on real events. This film has been viewed by many viewers, including those from the United Kingdom and the United StatesIndia and Netherland. You can read the entire article on The Hated Man on Internet Imdb if you are interested in more information about the documentary film. Keep reading until the end.

What’s the truth behind this documentary?

Hunter Moore, a Sacramento native aged 24, created Is Anyone in 2010. He posted naked photos and personal information about many people on the website. Hunter Moore did this horrible work without the consent of those who were affected. Hunter Moore was a godlike figure online because of his work. He referred to himself as a “professional life ruiner.”

Netflix’s new documentary shows Hunter Moore was wrong with the wrong victim. Most Hated Men on the Internet shows how Hunter Moore has already caused so much destruction to many lives. But this time Charlotte Laws, a victim’s mom, decided to punish him for his wrong actions. Charlotte Laws was responsible for bringing down his mountain of terrible acts in just two years.

The documentary features interviews with victims of traumatizing websites like Is Anyone up. Although Is Anyone up is presented as a website in the film, it is also portrayed as an online community. Hunter Moore’s fans continue to humiliate victims via social media and real life.

What happened to Hunter Moore ?

Hunter Moore said that all the photos he posted to the website were sent by the victims’ ex-boyfriends. However, he uploaded the photos of Kayla Law, a waitress and actress, which was the beginning of his website’s demise, according to the Netflix documentary film.

Kayla Law, her mother, told Charlotte Laws that she had never sent the photos to anyone. She only emailed them. Charlotte Laws believed Kayla Law and began to collect all information about the matter. Continue reading The Most Hated Man on the Internet Imdb to learn what happened next.

More than 40 victims gave her evidence, and they all said that they had never sent photos to anyone. This means that all their photos were leaked due to email hacking. Charlotte disclosed all information to the FBI, and Hunter Moore was charged and arrested.


Hunter Moore was convicted and sentenced to two years and six month imprisonment in November 2015. A $2,000. fine was also imposed on Hunter Moore. You can also click – to find out more about Hunter Moore. It will shock you to learn that is the Most Hated Man on Internet Imdb has a rating of seven.

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