Today you are reading about The Marvelous Suspender.

Google allows its users to personalize and customize Chrome on their computers by adding extensions. This is indeed an exciting and convenient way to operate the web browser. The various types of extensions available in Google Chrome are surprisingly interesting.

Currently, virtual private network extensions are common when accessing websites restricted by their national governments. US residents need to understand that some of these extensions are paid and not all provide complete privacy and security.

In today’s article, we will cover all the important information about the extension recently suspended from Google online store.

What is The Marvelous Suspender?

This is an open source Google Chrome extension that focuses on automatically suspending previously opened tabs that have not been used for a while. This extension has proven very useful for people who are trying to reduce the memory footprint of Google Chrome due to having old and slow computers or random access memory (RAM) – limited Chromebooks.

Due to the unique selling proposition of a web extension to increase potential speed and efficiency by eliminating unnecessary tabs, many people in the United States and other parts of the world have enjoyed its service.

Why has this Chrome extension been suspended?

Ironically, The Marvelous Suspender was recently suspended from the Google Chrome web store. While there is no confirmed reason for stopping the extension, after remotely disabling it from users’ devices, a warning states that the extension may contain malware and prove to be dangerous.

It is suspected that these malicious activities started after the enlargement hand-swap in January last year. The suspicious behavior of the new developer started after some changes were made to the app in October.

On Reddit, this extension contains “tracking codes” that can capture user passwords. Official sources do not yet confirm this allegation. For now, however, Google is clearly warning its users in a message next to the notification saying the extension is disabled. The extension states that the attachment contains malware and may be dangerous.

Meanwhile, there is what appears to be a branch of The Marvelous Suspender extension available on the Google Chrome online store that people in the United States can use.

This is presumably based on the version before the malware was detected and the tracking changed. People are still trying to recover previous tabs, searching for the word “klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg” which is the extension ID in the history should show a few pages to recover.

Final Verdict:

In today’s article, we read about The Marvelous Suspender and discussed all the information currently available. People from the United States and other countries must understand that not all enlargements can be trusted. We suggest that you carefully read the privacy procedures before adding an extension to Chrome.

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