Marshall Report WordPress Com: Do you see this report on your social media? It has unparalleled importance during the US Presidency. The report was published on January 20, 2021 and received over 100 comments. Besides, The Marshall Report is the pseudonym of a writer who is interested in political topics.

Recently, many reporters in the United States have covered the story of Biden’s victory and his new administration. They also discussed Kamala Harris, who is the first female vice president in the US. You can learn more about the report and details in our post. Therefore, do not blink your eye and read carefully to the end!

Explore the “Marshall Report January 2021”:

Joe Biden’s first day had been a busy one since he inaugurated his office and started working in administration. He was ready to change the executive orders. Besides, he had a pen in his hand to make changes. Due to his actions, the official website of the White House has also undergone some changes. Biden ordered everything about “MY PEOPLE” and “DONALD TRUMP” removed.

Instead of the desired amendments, the official government website now reads “MY CORPORATE RULING PEOPLE”. The inaugural ceremony was not an occasion, pomp and patriot. You may have seen lighters spreading fake news to demoralize the Biden administration.


Since the US presidential election, TRUMP and BIDEN have been involved in corporate debates and debates. Marshall’s WordPress Com report said reporters did not respond to TRUMP’s praise from France. It shows that almost all US citizens are against DONALD TRUMP and support BIDEN on a corporate leash.

However, some viewers eat the roasted beans and watch how far BIDEN wins the corporate debates.

What does BIDEN do?

The report suggests that JOE BIDEN signs checks and sends money to countries and governors. He also stopped the US oil industry and turned the country into energy wars. Joe Biden is playing a dangerous game with other countries that will endanger the inhabitants.

What was LADY GAGA doing at the inauguration?

The Marshall report from January 2021 challenges the idea of ​​calling the famous singer – LADY GAGA at the inauguration. Many people were surprised to see a singer greeting the new president and vice president, singing a loud song. For this reason, the event was not patriotic.

Final Verdict:

We all live in a world that allows us to pour out our hearts. That’s why the Marshall Report published a report of over 2,000 words on WordPress. You can read the report and check the unforeseen events that are taking place in the name of democracy. After reading the report, share your thoughts with us!