Whipped cream is a well-loved dessert and ingredient by many dessert enthusiasts, kids, and even some ordinary adults. People have used whipped cream for ages, probably ever since we were not yet born, and is still a tasty treat that millions of people enjoy around the world. Whipped cream has become a versatile ingredient to almost anything related to sweets, or if you just want to use it as a sweetener.

For sure you want to know more specific details on what whipped cream is popularly used for. That’s why you will understand all of the known things that you can do with whipped cream once you use it as either an ingredient or as food on your kitchen table. Here are the following:

As A Cake Topping

Whipped cream is a favorite ingredient for those who love to bake a cake. The simplicity and the mild sweetness provided by the whipped cream make it excellent as a decoration. This is why some bakers often make stabilized whipped cream for the appearance of the cream to stay longer on the cake, making it perfect for selling the pastry. Some also use whipped cream as an alternative for frosting, particularly those who prefer a milder flavor. 

For Cupcakes and Muffins

Cupcakes are also a kid’s favorite that’s better garnished with whipped cream to make it more appealing. Chocolate cupcakes are the number one suspects to have whipped applied on top of it. On the other hand, muffins could sometimes have whipped cream on top of it. However, it depends if the flavor of the muffin compliments the sweetness of the whipped cream.

Biscuits and Other Pastries

Some biscuits can have whipped cream on top of them in a way that’s already prepared after baking, or by spraying from a whipped cream charger before eating it. Some biscuits compliment the flavor of the whipped cream so well, that the biscuits can become as irresistible as dipping or filling it with chocolate sauce. Some pastries include tarts and pies, but depending on the flavor of the said pastry. Of course, who would want to put whipped cream on top of a meat pie?

To Make Cold Drinks Creamier, and For Garnishing

Some cold drinks such as frappes, coffee, or even milk tea, can have whipped cream applied on top of it. Whipped cream is often sprayed from the dispenser once the cold drink has been prepared. This gives off a look that customers can’t resist whenever they order one at a cafe. Some prefer mixing the whipped cream to the cold drinks with their straw to make it creamier and sweeter. Others either eat the whipped cream first before they drink, or eat it last once the glass is empty. 

Are Hot Drinks Included?

Hot drinks such as chocolate and also coffee can have whipped cream on top of it. However, it melts quickly which is why they prefer it as a sweetener and a creamer for hot drinks instead. Some also tend to add whipped cream to certain types of tea drinks to make it a little bit like milk tea. It is quite rare for most people to use whipped cream for hot drinks, and would prefer mixing milk instead.

For Alcoholic Drinks

Whipped cream has been widely used many times in different alcoholic drink blends for many years. Some drinkers want to add whipped cream to the cocktails that they make. Those who make cocktails that have coffee, chocolate, or milk on it often add whipped cream for a nice surprise. Some would use the whipped cream to counter the strong taste of the liquor or shooter. 

For Partying

Some would just use whipped cream right away for certain party games. Some would use it to make the birthday celebrant’s face messier after singing a birthday song or once the birthday candle has been blown. Whipped cream is often used as an object for fun because you can just spray it anywhere you want.

Is It Good For Meat?

Call it weird, but some people like to have a bit of whipped cream sprayed over their steak. The mild sweetness of the whipped cream is perfect for balancing the saltiness of the steak and compliments well with the taste of pepper. Some would even use it on bacon, whereas others put bacon on top of the whipped cream. After all, bacon is a perfect food to go with almost any kind of food!

Whipped cream is truly a favorite of a lot of people around the world, and has crossed over multiple traditions related to food. It’s an irresistible dessert that’s not overly sweet, yet very addictive and easy to consume. Because making whipped cream is just so easy when you use a cream whipper and whip cream chargers this has made it even more popular to put whipped cream on just about everything. Best whip cream chargers are very popular and widely used by both commercial and home users. You can purchase cream chargers online quite cheaply which makes it very convenient and not costly.