Across different places in Europe it is possible to find some truly gorgeous and impressive

stadiums. Right now, in the Romanian capital of Bucharest it is possible to find the incredible

Arena Națională. Football punters can visit to make bet online on all matches

played in this facility.

However, prior to the Arena Națională, which was opened in 2009, there was another

stadium located in the exact same place. It was the Stadionul Național, and for almost 60

years, it was the main sports venue in all Romania. It served as the home venue of three

football teams, which were:

● the Romania national football team;

● FC Steaua București;

● and FC Dinamo București.

These three squads played some historic matches at this venue. The 60 thousand

spectators that this place was able to fit gave a really intense atmosphere to all the sports

events that took place here. The 1xBet website can be visited to make an online bet at any

moment, which can also be made on Romanian sports.

Construction for a special event

Bucharest was selected as the host of the 4th World Festival of Youth and Students which

took place in 1953. This event had lots of sports disciplines and competitions, and it was

necessary to have a big sports venue to comply with the requirements. Many sports can be

wagered on at, which also features many of these events with multiple


The festival in question was a resounding success. But of course, it was clear that the

Stadionul Național would have a lengthy life after the aforementioned event.

Many other important football matches with very high attendance were celebrated in this

place. Between 1953 and 1958 the stadium saw four contests played by the Romanian

national team with approximately 90 thousand spectators. It should be remembered that the

original capacity of the facility was just 60 thousand. The 1xBet website features many

football matches that attract large audiences.

Other important events and end of life

In addition to multiple important football matches, the Stadionul Național also saw a large

number of other sports events. A few rugby matches were played here too. Both football and

rugby can be wagered at the betting platform.

The venue also saw multiple important concerts. For example, Michael Jackson was able to

gather more than 90 thousand fans at this facility.

However, in the early 2000s it was clear that the life of the Stadionul Național was coming to

an end. The Romanian government developed plans to build the brand-new Arena

Națională, which is currently located in the same place. The 1xBet website also features all

football matches played in this brand-new facility.