One of the reasons UTVs and side-by-sides are so popular is their versatility. The way these models are build allows a complete top to bottom ustomization. The owner can add several extras to their rig for a few dollars and an afternoon’s work, making it different from any other model on the market.

Are you looking for a Polaris RZR upgrade? Did you know that you can now upgrade your RZR with several fun accessories? Here are some of the latest Polaris RZR accessories that will elevate your RZR to the next level.

  1. Polaris RZR and Ranger Parking Brake

When driving down a trail in your Polaris RZR, finding a flat spot to park when you want to take a break can be challenging. What is the significance of this? When you stop your RZR on an incline and put it in a park, you put a lot of pressure on the transmission to keep it from moving.

Consider the force required to move the shifter from park to first gear with all. These can degrade over time, and the transmission will need to be rebuilt if they break because of stress.

The Spring Pedal Thingy RZR brake system is an excellent RZR upgrade. After adding this simple bolt-on equipment, the brake system will hold it in place. It is one of the nice RZR accessories you might want to add to your UTV.


Installation simplicity lowers transmission wear and damage.


It is only effective when the brakes are in an excellent state.

  1. Savage UTV Belt Storage

If you own a Polaris RZR or another UTV with a CVT gearbox, you will eventually replace a belt on the trail.

It so happens that after a certain period of usage, especially when used under extreme conditions it almost always happens that they will fail on you. It can happen even when you are in a zone with little to no connection. It will render you helpless and stuck in some wilde side of the backcountry.

Carrying a spare belt is the best action if you experience this, and yet, where do you store it? The Savage UTV Harness Storage / Toolset solves this problem for you.

The UTV belt storage/tool kit is the perfect way to keep your UTV in top condition. This easy-to-use installation kit includes everything you need to keep your UTV running smoothly. The belt storage system keeps your belts organized and protected, while the tool kit provides all the essential tools for maintaining your UTV. This kit is a must-have for any UTV owner.


Convenient, integrated storage for a backup belt and the tools required to replace it.


Some reviewers believe that better mounting hose clamps are necessary.

  1. UTV Cover With Weatherproof Max Shield

Even though your Polaris RZR is made to be durable, it will still benefit from a bit of protection when not in use. An elevated UTV cover is one of the most protective products you can get for your UTV.

For your Polaris RZR, the Weather resistant MAX Shield UTV covering is designed and constructed to withstand any weather conditions.

In addition to protecting against rain, snow, bird droppings, tree sap, and many other things, the thick Denier fabric and distinctive PolyShield material design prevent sun damage. Additionally, it contains double air vents to maintain air circulation and prevent the spread of mildew, mold, and rust.

The Polaris RZR is an obvious addition to your machine because it fits your RZR perfectly and has integrated straps with reflectors for added safety and security.

Pro Armor 4-Point Harness

The best way to alert your passengers that they need to seriously consider using the t-bar grab handle in front of them is to install a four-point harness on your RZR. That way they will be kept safe throughout the ride.

The Bottom Line

The Pro Armor 4-Point Harness is an excellent product for a reliable and affordable safety harness. This product is made of high-quality materials and a comfortable fit, making it ideal for various activities. The Pro Armor 4-Point Harness is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and affordable safety harness.