Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the most advanced and innovative hair restoration treatment for the treatment of female and male pattern baldness, painlessly and in a short period of time, using the Choi medical pen. The DHI hair transplant method is based on graft extraction, a grafting technique (such as in the FUE method) in which hair follicles are taken from the donor area (the area from which hair is taken, usually the back of the head) and implanted into the recipient area where baldness occurs.

The DHI method is considered a breakthrough in hair transplant procedures, providing the most natural results. The use of the Choi medical pen allows hair to be implanted more densely, with little or no damage to the integrity of the skin, and hair transplants can be performed without a complete shave of the head. At Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic, we will make sure that you understand the DHI procedure and carefully consider whether you are suitable for the best hair transplant in Turkey. We also want to make sure that you compare FUE and DHI methods correctly before your hair transplant procedure.

Overview of hair transplantation methods: What exactly is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)?

A  DHI hair transplant is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure, performed by a dermatologist and no fewer than three transplant techniques to restore or increase hair volume. During a DHI hair transplant procedure, hair follicles from the donor area are harvested and immediately implanted into the recipient area using a medical Choi pen (i.e. tissue with hair is surgically removed).A DHI hair transplant consists of two phases, namely, follicle extraction and graft engraftment.

The initial step, i.e. the extraction of hair from a donor site with a high density of hair follicles (such as the back of the head, called the nape of the neck, and the chin or chest in men), is based on the same principles as the FUE method. For this reason, hair transplantation with the DHI Choi medical pen is sometimes regarded as a subset of FUE methods such as Sapphire FUE [TS1] or Micro FUE.

However, DHI hair transplantation technology is making a breakthrough in terms of the implantation process by introducing the Choi medical pen, a surgical tool that allows grafts to be implanted at a precise angle without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Faster and better: what is the Choi implant? How does it make hair transplantation easier?

A Choi implant (also known as a DHI medical pen) is a pen-like medical instrument with a spring mechanism and a 0.5-1.5 mm diameter hollow needle at the end of the DHI medical pen.

During DHI hair transplantation in Turkey, grafts that may contain 1-3 hair follicles are inserted into the hollow needle, the size of which varies depending on the diameter of the graft to be implanted. In DHI hair restoration technique, 5-6 medical Choi pens are usually used. In Turkey, the DHI procedure is performed by specialists with extensive experience in performing the best DHI hair transplants.