One of the fastest-growing webcam chat sites online is called Jerkmate but what literally millions of users of this video webcamming site do not realize is that the platform is just a white label which is a branded logo over the top of a pre-existing platform.

The reason why I wanted to join the few voices online discussing this site honestly is that I feel that so many of the jerkmate reviews are not partial. It is after all hard to remain impartial when you are getting a kickback to say great things about any product or service. Is Not Exactly What You May Think

A few hip bloggers and savvy folks in the adult webcam industry have blogged extensively about and I am sure that tens of thousands of more active users of adult cam sites have come to realize exactly what I am referring to. 

However, let’s take a minute to discuss Jerkmate. If you compare this cam site to it’s a dead-ringer and you can instantly see that one of the two is not the original. though is legit and has been around for 20 plus years. 

So that is the deal with this new robot-looking logo that claims to offer free cam chat with girls?

Jerkmate is Legit but it’s Also a Clone!

Frankly, it’s just another one of the tens of thousands of sites online plastered with webcam girls. 

What makes this adult chat webcam site so powerful is it’s part of an affiliate network where boatloads of people get a slice of the income to promote the offer. 

As a result that is exactly what has transpired. Hundreds of different webmasters have been plugging this jerkmate cam site for over a year now and the marketing has pushed the site way up in traffic rankings.

Jerkmate Reviews Have Started to Honestly Explain What is Going on

However, at the end of the day, the site is nothing more than a clever marketing ruse of a live cam sex chat site logo over the top of streamate webcams.

This blogger summed it up best with his jerkmate review.

In fairness to the end site that you get redirected to which is; they seem to as of late developed some aspects in a  more proprietary black label fashion. They are doing so I would suspect to try to seem less like a streamate clone, but it’s still all the same cam girls as Streamate.

The Truth About Jerkmate Costs

The fact is that the prices of jerkmate cam show as far as private cam2cam is EXACTLY identical to the site I mentioned above which is what jerkmates is operated off of. So there are no real free adult cam shows happening here in the sense of private cam2cam.

When they say Jerkmate is free they’re merely saying you can join free. You can also hit on hot girls at church but that does not mean it’s appropriate or possible to score there does it?  

This all comes back to using good judgment and doing your own research.

So when you see this nonsense about free cam chat with girls or start asking, “Is Jerkmate really free” my advice would be to think critically and do your own homework. 

Also, take some of the jerkmate reviews with a grain of salt if when you click them they have an affiliate code attached to the link that takes you to that website. 

Those tracking codes mean the editor of the review you just read is getting paid if you use that site!

You can’t fault the owner of the cute robot and the concept is genius, but this is clearly a case of what meets the eye is not exactly as it seems.