The  teachers constitute a very important part of the online teaching program,  at the Teacher’s response ensuring that the students are provided with proper support so that they have a better understanding of what is being taught in the classroom. However, it is important to highlight that The concert of online teaching is significantly different from the concept of offline teaching. As a result it is important that the Teacher’s work towards developing a better understanding of how to provide better support when it comes to online education. In most cases the teachers undertake online classes in the form of using Modern technology e or software programs where the teachers were guided on the different forms of online teaching that are present and how each can provide them with better benefits. In most cases the technology that is being used currently by the teachers is the (LMS Full Form) Learning Management System software where the teachers are provided with much-needed guidance on how to manage online education. The teachers are required to register themselves on these modern software programs so that they can effectively highlight their progress over the course of the training program. In most cases the teachers are required to input their email id as well as password before they are allowed to use the LMS portal. The use of the software has a lot of advantages as it not only guides the teachers on the different kinds of educational methods that are available but also provides them with knowledge and guidance on when to implement what kind of modern technology so that better support can be provided to them. In the last few years, especially with the start of the pandemic, training for teachers was mostly undertaken through online classes as the process became more efficient. In most cases one of the major reasons why the teachers prefer to use these online software programs is based on the fact that it is cost effective and also saves a lot of time. The teachers are not required to visit any particular offline classes and this training programs can be undertaken by the teachers at their own convenience. Therefore it is the flexibility that is provided to the use of the technology that attracts teachers towards using this method.

The use of this learning Management System software also has a lot of advantages as it teaches the teachers on how to to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the students so that when it comes to developing lesson plans they are able to take into consideration the issues being faced by most of the class and develop a plan that is inclusive of all the students. This weight becomes easier for the students to have a better understanding of what is being taught in the class and the Teachers are also able to provide better support. In most cases, the teachers are also taught about what kind of teaching methods are providing the best results in the current educational environment. There are also talks about the different kinds of modern technology that are available and how it can be implemented in online classes to provide better effectiveness. Therefore, it is a combination of all these factors together that highlights the importance of teachers being trained in the art of online education.

Advantages of teachers training themselves on how to teach online

It is important to realize that there are several advantages Present when it comes to teachers undertaking training. One of the first advantages that is provided to them is that they are able to be more compassionate and understanding when it comes to the students. they are able to practice active listening and also able to distinguish between the students were suffering and not being able to understand what is being taught in the class and the students who are excelling. in this way they are able to create a assessment plan that will provide a better understanding of the progress that is being made by the students. trained teachers are also perceptive and can easily understand the mental issues being faced by the students.