Finding out you’ve got a bun in the oven is so exciting! But it can be scary too, esp as a FTM like me who knew zilch about pregnancy and baby care. I was all kinds of overwhelmed! Luckily, regularly seeing my obstetrician (OB) during those 9 months was hands down the #1 thing that helped me stay sane and ensured my pregnancy went smoothly.

If you’re preggers, I cannot stress enough – DO NOT skip those prenatal checkups with your OB! Discover expert care with Obstetrician Specialist, Dr. Stephen Cole, schedule each visit and make it a priority. TBH some parts are awkward or uncomfortable lol, but trust me the peace of mind is priceless. Here’s the tea on why they matter so freaking much:

Regular monitoring

I know it sounds obvious but having an expert regularly monitor you and baby is clutch for catching any potential issues early. At each visit my OB checked my vitals, weight gain, urine, baby’s heartbeat, and assessed any weird symptoms I had. That allowed her to spot warning signs like my elevated blood pressure before it became full-blown preeclampsia. Phew!

You can Google search symptoms all day long, but having an experienced OB interpret what’s normal or not can help ease your worries big time! When bizarre stuff happened to me like lightning crotch or freaky discharge TMI sorrynotsorry lol, I hit up my doc to demystify whether it was nbd or bad news. An OB has seen it all so they can talk you off the ledge.

Prenatal testing

They also keep you and babe healthy & safe through crucial prenatal testing. I’m talking stuff like STD tests, genetic carrier screening, glucose challenge test for gestational diabetes… medical mumbo jumbo I didn’t understand at first but my OB explained the importance of each one. No scary surprises!

When it came time for ultrasounds, getting those regular peeks at my lil’ nug was LEGIT the most magical, reassuring part of visits! Seeing their itty bitty nose and fingers, watching them kick around in there – ahhh it made the pregnancy finally feel real. And knowing their growth looked on track each time put my mind at ease.

They keep inform you

Not gonna pretend the exams aren’t a little awk and uncomfortable lol. But they prep you for the main event on delivery day! Having my OB walk me through what to expect during labor and possible complications made the whole thing way less terrifying. The more informed I was, the more confident I felt.

And let’s be real – even with the best laid plans, sometimes pregnancy and birth throws curveballs! In my case, kiddo turned breech and I unexpectedly needed a C-section. But because my OB prepared me for that scenario just in case, I wasn’t totally blindsided. Her guidance kept me chill.

When the big day arrived, I cannot explain how freaking calming it was to have my OB’s familiar face coaching me through bringing my baby into the world! Her encouragement and expertise were the ultimate security blanket. Even with the pain and chaos, I trusted her completely to look out for me and babe.

And an OB’s support doesn’t stop once baby is here! Mine checked my recovery, addressed any worries I had those first chaotic weeks, gave guidance on breastfeeding struggles – all the fun postpartum stuff. I would’ve been so lost without her wisdom!

Sooo if you’re preggers, do yourself a favor and find an attentive, experienced OB you vibe with. Leaning on their expertise throughout pregnancy offers priceless peace of mind. Let the doc worry about the medical nitty gritty so you can focus on enjoying every magical moment! Regular visits keep you informed and empower you to nurture your lil’ bun. IMO an awesome OB makes all the difference. This mama gives them an A+!