Big cities. Big buildings. You will run into problems if you don’t stay proactive with your maintenance. Power washing exteriors and drain flushing can be a big job, but thankfully residents in and around Toronto have an easy solution.

Canadian Restorations GTA in Ajax has been in the business of keeping commercial properties and residential homes looking their best since 2004. They have become Southern Ontario’s go-to service provider for pressure washing, graffiti removal (prevention), drain cleaning, and more.

Without proper upkeep, those warehouses, apartment complexes, and commercial settings will eventually get run down. Not only will your building become an eyesore, but it will become subject to further degradation and wear, inside and out.

Caked-on dirt, graffiti, used gum, algae, mould, mildew, nasty odours, dust build-up, and backed-up drains can all be unpleasant. That is why it’s so important to have a trusted commercial power-washing crew like Canadian Restorations GTA on standby.

The Ontario-based cleaning company has been a leader in safety and accident prevention for years. In response to the threat of COVID-19, Canadian Restorations GTA has provided additional sanitization on hard surfaces, using powerful misting and spray disinfectants as an extra precaution for their valued customers.

Canadian Restorations GTA provides commercial-grade power washing equipment, cherry pickers, chemical cleansers, and specially trained staff to handle those large-scale jobs that require an elevated vantage and a professional touch.

Whether it’s a heritage home or an industrial structure, all customers receive the highest level of customized service. From apartment complexes in Hamilton to warehouses in Etobicoke, one call to the friendly staff is all it takes to have your property cleaned and restored right away.

Over the years, Canadian Restorations GTA’s licensed technicians and administrative staff have earned countless positive reviews for their prompt and courteous service. The company is available 24/7 to respond to any call.  

Canadian Restorations GTA is highly sought after by property managers and business operators throughout the greater Toronto region.

The company has earned a reputation for delivering excellent results and job site efficiency. And the work is always carried out in the most eco-friendly way possible. Of note is the company’s use of Green Exhaust Technology for their garage cleaning projects. Contributing to a cleaner environment is a benefit for all.  

If you’re a business owner or property manager, not only are you responsible for the appearance of your commercial space or apartment building, but it’s up to you to prevent any chance of damage. And that means flood prevention.

With regularly scheduled high-pressure water jetting, Canadian Restorations GTA ensures problem-free water drain systems, catch basins, and sump pits. No matter what the weather conditions are like outside, Canadian Restorations GTA is available year-round for troubleshooting and quick repairs.

The company is happy to provide FREE estimates and recommendations based on your property’s needs (commercial, residential, and industrial) and even offers multi-service discount packages to save you money.

If you’re a property manager, business operator, or homeowner, you know that filthy-looking properties covered in grime and mildew are a major turnoff.

It’s amazing what a professional cleaning from Canadian Restorations GTA can do for your parkades, walkways, exterior walls, railings, balconies, rafters, eavestroughs, etc.

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