In 2021, 781,400 people worked in the project management industry. Thus, it’s a fairly vast industry. Of course, being successful in this industry requires knowledge, experience, and a good network. 

If you work in this industry, you might wish you had a larger network. After all, a network is important, but do you know how to build one? If not, you’ll need to learn some networking tips. 

You might find more success in your job with a good network. So keep reading to learn the most effective networking tips you can apply in your career.

Basics of Networking

Networking is building a group of acquaintances around you and serves several purposes:

  • Widens your circle of people you know
  • Provides more resources 
  • Opens up opportunities 
  • Offers information 
  • Learn industry trends

Thus, networking is the process of building relationships in your work. It’s the habit of meeting new people and talking about industry issues. 

Networking provides benefits. However, it would help if you learned how to network to reap these benefits. 

Reasons It’s Vital for Project Managers

Before learning the best networking tips, it might be helpful to understand why it’s important. So, what are the benefits of networking? 

First, networking in project management helps you find reliable contractors for jobs. As a project manager, you need subcontractors for your projects. Additionally, you need good ones. 

Secondly, networking opens the door to new jobs and projects. When you talk to people, you’ll find out about companies that need project managers. You’ll also find companies looking for contractors to hire for projects. 

Additionally, networking helps you solve problems. It lets you connect with the right people and gather ideas to solve issues. 

You might also meet people through networking that can help you in the future. For example, you might meet someone that could put in a good word for a job you want. 

As you can see, networking is vital for project management for these reasons and others.

Best Networking Tips

You can build your network through numerous strategies. Here are some of the most effective networking strategies to try:

Use Digital Networking Platforms

LinkedIn is one of the most common networking site people use for career purposes. This site lets you connect to people, providing a platform for communicating. 

However, you can also use other sites and platforms. You can also ask people for their email addresses to connect to them. Of course, you can also ask for their business cards and phone numbers.

Using digital networking options is common and effective as their widespread. If you’re not currently using these types of sites, you should start today. 

Talk to Everyone You Meet

Talking to people is one of the most underrated actions you can take for networking purposes.

A simple conversation can lead to relationships that present benefits at some point. Conversations also lead to information and opportunities. 

Thus, start talking to people you meet. For example, talk to your subcontractors on the job sites. Introduce yourself to business owners and other project managers. 

These conversations can set the stage for future jobs, projects, and opportunities. 

Attend Outings and Conferences

Do you ever receive invitations to project management events? For example, you might get a postcard in the mail for an upcoming project management conference. You might also get an invitation for a contractor breakfast.

Attending these events is an excellent way to build your network. You never know who you’ll meet while you’re there. There’s always a chance you’ll meet many people who could be helpful to your network. 

Focus on Quality

As you build a network, it’s helpful to focus on the quality of people rather than quantity. After all, if you meet 100 people that provide no benefits, you’ll be no better off than you are now.

However, you can greatly benefit if you can meet a few individuals with quality contacts and resources. You can tell the difference by talking to people.

Make Yourself Stand Out

It’s also helpful to make yourself stand out when handling these conversations. Of course, you’ll want to avoid bragging. Bragging can make you appear arrogant. 

However, you can highlight things about yourself that make you stand out without it coming across as bragging. If you can do this, people will remember you. 

For example, you could talk about some of your biggest project accomplishments. You might also talk about prominent people you’ve worked with in the past. 

These types of details stand out. As a result, your acquaintances might remember you more than others they meet. 

Follow Up After Meeting People

A great habit to develop is following up with people after meeting them. For example, suppose you meet someone with remarkable contacts. If you ask for their business card, you can stay in touch with them.

Getting their business card is helpful, but you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, reach out to them a few days later. This call or email will help them remember you, and it’s a great start for building a relationship. 

Get Involved With Community Events 

Another excellent way to network is by involving yourself in community events. You can get involved in the community in many ways:

  • Volunteer for events
  • Host events
  • Donate to local organizations
  • Coach a sports team
  • Run for a local political office

Imagine how many people you can meet through these events. Additionally, imagine the benefits some of these connections could provide in the future. 

Using these tips can help you know how to build a successful network around you.

Learn and Apply the Best Networking Tips 

Learning and applying the best networking tips can help you succeed in your career. These tips can also help you earn more money. So, learn them and apply them to improve your life.

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