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Today, any company, and even the self-employed, uses technology to its advantage. For this reason, there are already a multitude of programs, including the best issue management software system, that help with day-to-day tasks. Among them, for example, we find billing and accounting programs, and the most widely used today: Administrative management control software.

What are management control software?

Also known by its acronym, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), they are programs that integrate in a single tool different fundamental functions within the business chain. Each of them is in charge of executing certain types of operations: Administration, distribution, accounting, or human resources. Their greatest advantage is that they allow a global vision of the project or the company and its situation in real time. In addition, they allow the automation of certain processes. 

The importance of using management software in a company

These types of tools offer several advantages that make today almost essential to have one of them in our daily administrative management. They are as follows:

We will avoid duplication

It is relatively easy, in a company that does not have an ERP System, to see how the lack of communication between departments leads to duplicate data, reports or customers. With one of these management softwares they will decrease drastically.

Improve interdepartmental communication

As we have explained in the previous point, each department within the company no longer works in a tight way, but everyone can see what the others are doing, favoring internal communication.

Process control

This section includes the control of a product from when we start working with the raw material, we manufacture it, it goes to the point of sale, it is distributed and it reaches the customer. We can follow the complete traceability and improve the control of our product or service.

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Customer Management

If your ERP includes a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, it will take care of your relationships with your customers. Your interactions with them will be collected in a single database, including marketing and commercial actions, as well as customer service. You will have all your data in a single ordered database.

Decision making

By having a global vision of the complete project available in a single tool, it facilitates decision-making, since we handle all the variables.

Human resources management

Thanks to management software, for example those provided by Harrington Group International, you can also measure the efficiency of work teams, as well as their real evolution. In this way, proper personnel management can be done, including an appropriate and fair incentive program.

Process automation

There are several processes that can be automated thanks to ERPs. From sending commercial emails, to generating delivery notes or invoices, etc. This saves administrative time, which can be used for other more valuable tasks.


Management control software not only has different levels of access, but also allows you to run backup copies, with a periodicity that you can establish yourself in advance, forgetting about the problem of losing data if the system fails.

Adaptation to your company

You decide what type of ERP you need. You can have a module only for finance, or for customer management, and even improve it in the long term. They adapt completely to your needs.

Cost reduction and ROI improvement.

Thanks to all the previous points, using management control software we will be able to improve our performance, better management of time and processes, and all this will lead us to reduce the total cost of our product or service. In addition, in the long term, we will achieve that the return on investment (or ROI) increases, since even our marketing and commercial campaigns will be more effective.

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