The information we have on our computers is very important, normally when we turn on the computer it is always there, so we do not usually worry much about what would happen if one day it disappears.

In the best cases, we buy a hard drive and make a backup without even paying much attention to the data we put in, or if the backups are valid, or if we have included the data that really interests us in the backup.

The information on our computers, despite the fact that we apparently carry out correct computer maintenance, is exposed to many threats, such as a power surge, an electrical surge or a computer virus among many other causes that can cause us to lose our data.

On these occasions it is very important to have a good data recovery service and the best choice can be data recovery services here Salvagedata.

The loss of data can be a catastrophe in our company, as it can produce a great cost in time and money, we can even have to paralyze the activity of the company. This situation is unsustainable for any company because the economic costs of stopping the activity even for a short time are very high.

When there is no other option, one option is to recover data from scratch and, despite its cost, it would be a good option to continue working normally.

No matter the complexity of the data recovery process, it can be recovered from the simplest to the data lost in the most extreme situations such as floods, system crashes, viruses, corruption, accidental deletion, hard disk formatting.

A good company that offers data recovery service will be able to recover data from any medium such as hard drives, memory cards, pen drives or even mobile phones. The type of operating system does not matter either, be it Windows, Linux or Android.

In some cases, not all, a remote data recovery service can be performed without the need to remove the hard drive from the computer to send it to our data recovery lab, this is the fastest and cheapest way to solve the problem, this possibility to be solved remotely will depend on the cause for which the data was lost.

There are times when we have only lost an Excel, Word, or a compressed Zip file, in these cases it is possible to recover files in particular, this also reduces the costs of recovery.

A solution so that none of this happens is to have a backup in the cloud, a data recovery service implemented on our own servers, greatly facilitating the data recovery service in case of loss by our client. In a few hours, all the data can be downloaded to an external disk and recovered at the customer's facilities. Even if you do not have maintenance contracted with us, in case of contracting this service you have this facility in case of disaster. Do you still think that € 100.00 per 1Tb is expensive for such a service?

Now, Informá offers you 100Gb for a month so that you can assess the service and functionality and, in addition, we give you 30 days to try it and if it convinces you, you hire it without any commitment.

Data Recovery Service

The dangers that this loss could pose is leading many brands to rethink the fact of designing an information security architecture within the entity itself. Salvagedata data loss can be caused by many different factors, such as, for example, errors derived from the hardware itself.

We must not forget that the hard drives of our machines require such high precision that any physical accident or change in temperature can greatly affect their own operation. Similarly, there are viruses that can directly erase information on the hard drive or even natural disasters such as fires or floods. All this not to mention the errors caused intentionally by certain users.

The faults can be of a logical nature, that is, derived from the software and that the system usually recognizes through error messages; or we can even speak of physical breakdowns, which have a direct impact on the hardware and which, on occasions, cause certain sound effects that warn of a possible threat. This type of physical failure occurs, generally, in storage media such as the heads and coils, thermal decompensation or the motor of the disk itself.

Faced with this type of situation, the most appropriate thing is to trust data recovery services such as those that we can offer you from SIMAD. Our main objective is focused on creating competitive advantages for your own company thanks to our microcomputer and telecommunications services. The mere fact of delegating the installation, configuration, support and supervision of computer systems in a company like ours will allow you to focus all your efforts on the true core of the business.


It is advisable, in the event of a loss of information, to remain calm so as not to make inappropriate decisions that may affect the process of recovering lost data. In the event that the failure is of a physical nature, it is recommended not to restart the computer, since the consequences may be even more serious, to the point of making such recovery impossible.

It is not advisable to try to open the hard disk, since the latter is a very complex and delicate device. It can only be opened by qualified technicians. Also do not attempt to reinstall the operating system. Until it is overwritten, the information is still recoverable. Salvagedata reinstallation of the programs or the operating system is carried out on the device itself.

If you are interested in data recovery services, call Salvagedata data recovery provider and experts and we will inform you about it.