The transom is the stern part where an outboard motor attaches itself. Metal fittings, known as cleats, are on the boat’s top. You attach a rope or cable to the cleats to secure your boat when docking. Your boat’s stern and aft areas get principal strength from the transom. To resist deterioration while exposition to seawater and other factors and so that they can sustain the weight of additional things, many modern boat transoms are composed of reinforced fiberglass material.

While the Gen 1 drives utilize one visible stud on either side, the Alpha Gen II drives use two through bolts on either side along with the front and back bolts. Underneath the ventilating panel directly above the prop, Alpha Ones feature two studs. The alpha gen 2 transom is available with us. Order now! 

The distinct parts of a boat

Although there are many distinct kinds and sizes of boats, the names of the various parts are always the same. The phrases and definitions listed below should be familiar to every boat operator.

· Bow: The boat’s front.

· stern: The boat’s back.

· Starboard: The boat’s right side.

· Port: A boat’s left side

· Hull: The boat’s body

· Gunwale: The boat’s side’s top edge (generally pronounced gunnel)

· Cleats are metal fittings that can secure ropes.

Boats are propelled forward or backward by their rotating propellers.

All-around white light and red and green sidelights are among the navigational lights.

Where is the cylinder of a boat situated? 

As long as any escaping gas can go overboard and not into the boat’s interior, cylinders, low-pressure regulators, and other equipment are there under a shelter on open cabin tops or outside cockpits.

The first step is to identify the boat application I have.

Do I have an outboard, sterndrive, or inboard to power my boat? This will determine which cylinder I may use for new installations or improvements to my boat’s hydraulic steering system. If you only need to replace one of the cylinders, you must be sure the replacement cylinder is the right one and stick with the same make and model.

The MerCruiser Alpha Gen 2 Trim Cylinder resists corrosion from seawater. The boat can lift the engine out of the water to maintain speed when moving along at a good clip.

Clauss Marine offers precise SEI replacement trim cylinders for Alpha Gen 2. You are getting the best aftermarket components for a Mercruiser generation 2 trim cylinder that is fit for any Mercruiser generation 2 outboard at an affordable price. Get your alpha trim cylinders from us at the best prices. Wherever the location of the cylinder may be, it is the most important component of your boat. The objective of the trim cylinder is to raise the sterndrive portion above the water so that you can tilt it back to retain your present drive once you’ve generated enough momentum. It also serves a second purpose to prevent damage to the propellers when your vessel is not in the water.