A video converter is a computer program that can go on to change the storage format of a digital video. They can recompress a video to some other format in the process that is called transcoding, or can simply alter the format of the container without actually altering the format of the video.

However, there may be a slight drawback to transcoding that includes the loss in the quality of the video when transcoding in between lossy compression format, and that the procedure is highly CPU concentrated.

But then, you have different sorts of video conversion program that are available over the internet, and you may opt for the best video converter ultimate for yourself that will help you minimize the disadvantages that you may face.

Best Free Video Converter

To save any video that you like and want it in your phone in various formats, you would need a reliable video file converter to do the job. In recent times, that honor does not belong to one video software program only.

In fact, there are too many free movie converters available, which not alone convert your videos from the desktop to the format of your preference, but also allow you to grab and save any kind of videos from all the major popular and known video hosting websites.

Depending on your preference and what you might require from the free converter for yourself, there are quite a few video converters out there to opt from, as mentioned. If you wish to minimize the size of any video file, keep the entire collection of video in the very same format or alter the format of the video into something where it is even easier to share with others, there is one too many out there so as to meet one’s specific needs.

What does a movie converter do?

Free video/audio converters go on to convert the files from your desktop or the web. The operating system required is Windows; macOS

  • Convert videos that are hosted on several websites
  • Effects and filters are bonus
  • Provides great format support
  • For Mac OS X and Windows

For something with a great selection of the supported file format, any software converter certainly does not disappoint.

Hands down, there are quite a few of the finest video converters available right now which handles online alongside offline files, meaning, when you happen to like a look of any video on YouTube, you may quickly and quite easily convert that into the format that is suitable for viewing offline on your smartphone without actually worrying about the data allowance.

It is not only for YouTube, either; you may also download and go on to convert the videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, and more, and a few of the video conversion software that are Free also attributes the choice to rip audio from DVDs and CDs.

Why would you require to convert your videos?

Videos are required to convert when the original format of the video doesn’t play on the target device. (Ex- smartphone or your computer)

Videos may also require to convert to reduce the size of the file for easier storage, sharing, or playback.

Other than this, here are a few of the instances that might lead you to convert the videos-

  • When a video file is with the format or codec that your PC doesn’t play
  • Sending a video in MP4, but the file is a.MOV file
  • Sending the file through email, but the size limit exceeds
  • You wanting to convert a video to upload it faster on YouTube


It is handy and of great use when it comes to individuals who are somehow or the other involved with videos, either when they watch or they make a video of their own. Also try online meme generator.

However, there is absolutely no doubt in the modern world that someone is untouched with the videos. As people often make use of various social websites and platforms where they view various kinds of videos, and once, they like something they need that video straight in their phone or PC. Thus, they go on to save and that is when they need a free video converter to do their job.