In the early days of event processing, organizations relied on the old request/response architecture that legacy computer systems used. Basically, this was a setup where one computer on a network would send a request for access to a second computer. The first computer would then have to wait for a response to the query (granting or denying access) from the second one before the next step in the event stream could occur. Having to wait between steps like this was time-consuming, and while it may have served in the early days of data analysis with smaller data sources, we now live in a world of big data, and organizations need faster insights.

This is where streaming analytics, also known as event stream processing, comes in. Advanced analytics like these are able to analyze huge pools of real-time data thanks to the ability to make continuous queries. These abilities are critical for modern enterprises to handle multiple customers making online payments at once, constantly read data from IoT sensors in the supply chain, perform an accurate competitive analysis, and much more. Most business leaders are aware of the power behind a digital transformation, and one of the most important parts of this process is choosing an analytics solution that fits your needs. Fortunately, detailed business research can provide some insights.

Using the Forrester Wave


The Forrester Wave: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021 is the latest Forrester report that aggregates analytics providers in a list of the 14 most important based on a 22-criterion evaluation. Forrester uses publically available methodologies to ensure fair evaluation of each provider for their quarterly reports. A Forrester evaluation depends on the participation of four important players: the lead analyst, the research associate, vendor response teams, and customer references.

The lead analyst sets the evaluation criteria and scoring framework. They also write the content that actually appears in the report. The research associate ensures that the project stays on schedule and is typically the one to speak with vendors and oversee demonstrations of analytics functionality. Vendor response teams provide detailed product and service information and recommend interviews for customer references. If a vendor ever declines to participate in the evaluation, Forrester will continue with the report based on their Incomplete Vendor Participation Policy.

The Forrester Wave tends to weigh the scalability and ease of development for analytics solutions the most. If you’re looking for a strong performer, check the report for providers who score well in these areas. You won’t have to look any further than TIBCO software.

TIBCO’s Impressive Offerings

The most recent Forrester Wave classified TIBCO as an industry leader, along with Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAS. TIBCO didn’t stop there, however—they also earned the highest possible scores for development, enablement, and market awareness. TIBCO knows what analytics customers need from the top providers, and they offer easy connectors with their streaming analytics platform.

Even if your business lacks data scientists or a dedicated software development team, TIBCO offers a great customer experience with its purely visual development tools. You can develop for TIBCO every step of the way with just your GUI, rather than having to input any code.

Their strengths also extend to advanced data visualization tools. Unless you’re a data scientist, raw data can often be confusing and difficult to interpret. You won’t have to worry about that, though, when TIBCO Spotfire integrations can use real-time analytics to transform any data set into an easily understandable visual, such as a chart or graph.

Embedded AI is also able to automatically detect the most interesting patterns in any data sets and guide you toward exploring them in greater detail. You can even use Spotfire’s GeoAnalytics capabilities to gain deeper insights into the context behind location-based data. As if all this wasn’t enough, you can experience Spotfire’s capabilities for yourself, risk-free, thanks to a 30-day trial.

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