While email marketing may seem old-school to some, it remains a highly effective and niche way to keep in touch with existing customers, and to rope in new ones who are showing an interest in your products, websites and services.

It retains numerous benefits over other marketing platforms since in email marketing, you still have a one-on-one direct conversation.

  1. Most Successful Channel

In a marketing survey, it was discovered that marketers in general found email marketing to be their most successful marketing channel with conversion rates of 47%, This was followed by social media marketing with only 39% and SEO and content marketing tied at 33% each. 

This shows that catering to existing clients through proven channels they trust will keep your sales rolling in since they’ve already opted in to have you keep in touch with them directly, as opposed to being lost in a sea of noise on social sites.

  1. Personalisation

While marketing campaigns can draw new clients in, when someone has signed up for email marketing initiatives, you’re able to offer a highly personalised experience, just for them! You can tailor the content and perks and benefits directly to their interests, and this will lead to a greater ROI in the long run. 

From birthday coupons to holiday-specific discounts, loyalty program rewards for playing keno online real money games, and even to referral benefits, the way you personalise the email content to the end user can be done in countless ways. Likewise, offering promotional codes becomes a breeze if you’ve carefully segmented your email clients into specific lists, such as their geographical areas, or age demographics.

  1. Automation Options

When time is of the essence, the ability to automate your emails to be sent out at specific points in time will end up saving your sanity down the line. From welcome emails to setting up specific automated action-activated ones, such as payment emails, you’ll no longer be computer-bound all day long. You can also pre-set up email campaigns for specific times of year to drive interest and sales.

  1. Direct Surveys

If you’re curious about why a product or service of yours is so popular, it’s easy to set up a survey to send out to your clients directly. You can incentivise participation with random winner draws from the surveys, or specific discount codes for those who participate. This can also increase your email list signup database, especially if you offer additional entries for referrals.

  1. Redirect Wisely

With consistent email campaigns, it’s easy to redirect your users to your website through the use of shared links that you provide. Keep track of the click-through rate will lead to better email marketing in the long run once you know what type of emails and content get the most click thoughts. This in turn will leads to even greater website traffic, customer testimonials and sales, and it means you’ll make even more compelling calls to action in your next email marketing campaign. 

With the ability to greatly influence your user base through clever email campaigns, calls to action, and the option to share great products or services, you’re better able to grow your social proof and have a greater ROI at the end of the day.