Tennis is a sport that was born in England, and as a result, it is natural to expect that its most traditional tournaments would take place there. Feel free to start making live kabaddi wagers at, where you can also take your time to explore its tennis section.

Wimbledon is considered as the most traditional competition in the history of the sport. It has been contested almost without interruptions since the year 1877. Its first edition was quite an interesting one that deserves to be talked about more. The 1xBet website is your best destination if you want to wager on Wimbledon or any other tennis tournament around the world.

Repairing a roller

The organization responsible for setting up the first edition of Wimbledon was the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Curiously, the reason why this tournament was organized in the first place was not to gather the best tennis performers of the time. You can begin betting on online kabaddi league at 1xBet now, and this website can also be explored in order to wager on great tennis tournaments.

Instead, it was done to allow this entity to gather funds in order to repair a pony roller used to upkeep the tennis courts. For this reason, players interested in taking part in the tournament needed to pay a registration fee. Also, tickets were sold in order to allow spectators to watch the matches as well. You can start making online betting on the kabaddi league at 1xBet, and additionally, you may also wager on many tennis events.

Eventually, the tournament was played between the 9th and 19th of July 1877, and would be the first edition of an incredible tennis competition.

Other curious occurrences

The reason why the first edition of Wimbledon was organized in the first place is actually quite curious. You can now head on to 1xBet – the best tennis odds, live scores and statistics await for you as soon as you enter this platform. However, there are plenty of other interesting things that happened during the tournament, such as:

  • the final match lasted only 48 minutes, and was won in three consecutive sets;
  • the winner was Spencer Gore, who was not a tennis player himself, and who defeated a real tennis player, William Marshall, on the final;
  • and most importantly, enough funds were gathered to repair the pony roller.

Most likely at that moment nobody even imagined the powerhouse in which the Wimbledon tournament and the sport as a whole would become. At 1xBet you can find the best tennis odds, highly-detailed live scores and plenty of statistics, which are essential for making profitable wagers on this sport.