The release of iPhone 11 series almost 2 years agomade quite a scene at the Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino, California, United States, especially iPhone 11 Pro, one of the three products, appeared superior with its three cameras, introducing a transformative triple-camera system with all-new Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras, which deeply integrated into iOS to create a pro-level camera experience designed for everyone.

The sophistication of the iPhone 11 Pro led to a new trend in the market, along with the stable sales of iPhones in various countries, iPhone is inevitably becoming one of the main tools for video creators.

Why video content becomes important in social media marketing

For many brand marketers, there are two problems that have been bothering them, “why is it so difficult to get users who are loyal to the brand?”, “why it is getting harder and harder to acquire new users?”. The first problem may be related to products, services, etc., but the second problem is related to marketing strategies.

The emergence of new technologies has changed the way users receive and understand information, and it is increasingly necessary to create visually interactive and attractive content to capture their attention. That is why video content becomes important, especially in social media marketing.

Content is the King. This adage applies anytime and anywhere.Video content is considered much more attractive than visual and audio content separately.Video marketing is a technique increasingly used by brands to promote their products or services using the audiovisual format. The key to this content is the internet, the place where you can make it go viral and make thousands of users see it.

However, what you also need to know is that only good video content can produce good marketing results. Then how can you create stunning videos for your social media marketing? Can you just create amazing videos on iPhone?

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Of course, you can but you need a video editing app. Today there are many video editing apps and most of them offer the ability to enhance the quality of your videos so that they will be much more interesting than before.

Here are five video editing applications that we consider suitable for iPhone users:


FilmoraGo is a very comprehensive and beginner-friendly video editor for iPhone, which means it can be operated even by those who have no editing experience. This application is equipped with all basic video editing features, such as split, cut, copy, adjust speed, add text, PIP, etc. What’s more, there are various kinds of stickers, filters, transitions and thousands of royalty music in the resource library to make your videos more interesting.

Not only a variety of effects, FilmoraGo is also equipped with two special functions called AR Camera and DoubleTake. The AR Camera feature is an Augmented Reality technology that is tucked into the camera function, which is accompanied by face beautification and different facial props that can help you produce funny videos. The Double Take feature is capable of recording dual-view content, using the two front and rear cameras.

Sounds attractive? You can download FilmoraGo for iPhonedirectly from App Store.


This is an exclusive application for App Store. The features in Clips is similar to other editing tools, but the app’s main strength lies in its ability to record Memoji clips. Not only that, its camera effects did not disappoint and even exceed expectations for a simple application aimed at beginners.


It is a video editing application created by Vimeo. The most prominent character of Magisto is its ability to automatically grab the most interesting parts of the video to enhance it, which is thanks to the AR technology embedded in it, so Magisto falls into the category of ‘smart apps’. This technology allows this application to find the best parts of your footage, after the footage is combined, the app automatically adds stabilization, object detection, filters, and effects.

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ALIVE Movie Maker

This is a video editing application whose special ability is to incorporate a variety of music into your existing sounds. Text effects can also be added and customized easily. One other thing that is interesting is that ALIVE Movie Maker has its own community for those who love sharing and finding inspiration, it looks like a forum for all users to interact and share knowledge about video editing.


VivaVideo is a video editing app with an almost unlimited collection of templates. This is thanks to the template sharing feature that accommodates user-created templates. If you get bored easily with standard templates then you should go for VivaVideo.It won’t disappoint!


If you want to get better promotion effect, you must include video marketing in your promotion.That is for sure!With a smartphone alone, you can carry out this concept well.

The sophisticated iPhone and the five applications above are the answer for you and for anyone who wants to easily create stunning videos for social media marketing without having to learn video editing specifically. But if we are asked which of the five applications is the best, FilmoraGo is the answer! We have tried all of the above applications and we find that FilmoraGo is the most advanced. With the support of AR technology, its DoubleTake feature, and thousands of royalty music, this application seems to be one step ahead.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful insights. Thanks for your time!


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