Studies reveal that chewing uses a good amount of bodily energy by up to 15 percent. This was observed when participants were given stiff and non-flavored gums.

But did you know that chewing gum is also said to be effective in enhancing attention? Recent evidence shows that chewing gum can enhance attention while at the same time boosting productivity. Besides, people who chew gum regularly report less stress and alleviate signs of anxiety caused by social stressors.

How about chewing energy gum? Does caffeinated gum actually work? Where is a good place to buy caffeine gum?

Caffeinated or Energy Gum and Its Efficiency

Caffeinated drinks, food, and dietary supplements have been widely consumed to boost energy, improve alertness, and stay awake when sleep- deprived. But as the demands change, companies have come up with more convenient access to caffeine through caffeinated gums.

Yes, while various products and means are effective, caffeinated gums are found to be more efficient in terms of delivery. The caffeine content delivered by caffeinated gums through the buccal cavity is shown to be absorbed in the bloodstream faster compared to other delivery methods.

Caffeine in chewing gum results in an accelerated increase in caffeine concentration which only takes about 5 to 15 minutes from intake. Chewing caffeinated gum in 2-6mg/kg is found to be effective in augmenting exercise performance including cycling, running, jumping, and other team-specific sports. 

During sports tournaments, it is suggested that ingestion of smaller doses before the competition may offer greater benefit in performance enhancement as opposed to single and larger doses.

Another study suggests that chewing caffeinated gum is also beneficial for those whose jobs require being awake or during night shifts like nurses and drivers. Specifically for this study, a 300mg caffeine dosage improves mental and cognitive functions, particularly for sleep deprived. It can “restore alertness after a period of sleeplessness.”

Lyvwel Caffeinated Gum

Chewing Lyvwel caffeine energy gum is not only beneficial in terms of performance enhancement, alertness, and boosting energy. Lywel caffeinated gum is sugar-free and made of all-natural ingredients. 

Chewing 50 to 100 mg of caffeinated gum only has a gram of sugar, equivalent to 5-10 calories. It gives you that energy boost without worrying about too many calories.

A pack of Lyvwel caffeinated gum gives you convenient access to caffeine for $5. You do not have to stop at your favorite coffee shop on your way to work to get your caffeine fix. Your $5 caffeinated gum pack comes with 8 gums, enough to last you for days if you are a moderate caffeine consumer. And of course, it would save you the hassle of staining your shirt or outfit the day from coffee spills.

Most of all, if you are looking to cut down your calorie intake and expenditure on coffee, energy gum can be a part of your New Year’s resolution. If you drink 4 cups of coffee on average daily, giving it up in exchange for caffeinated gum will save you about $6,000 annually. And that is a huge amount of money.

Caffeinated gum is cheaper. It is healthier since it is sugar-free and plant-based. Plus, it does not deprive you of the taste of coffee as it comes in coffee with cream flavor.

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