The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about so many changes in the social, economic, and socio-political arena. Many aspects of life have been affected by the pandemic. The disruptions caused by COVID-19 include bans on traveling, working from home (WFH), wearing masks every time in public, and avoiding shaking hands.

The new norm at workplaces is working from home (WFH) while many jobs retrenched the employees to caution against the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. To avoid overcrowded workstations, the jobs that could be tackled from home shifted. Many jobs stopped recruiting, but others are still hiring.

IT and Electronics

Due to the pandemic, many people are staying at home, which has led to the high demand for electronic gadgets such as Televisions, computers, laptops and monitors, and other electronic accessories. The companies that deal in selling electronics have experienced a surge in sales. The electronics industry, such as LG Singapore, is looking for people who can fill various positions; hence these are the best places to look for jobs during this season.

Social media

Social media is highly used all around the globe. The pandemic only led to a rise in usage. People are online for almost half of their time in a lifetime. Some of the social media handles with many users include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and Messenger. There are a myriad of jobs on these platforms, and people can work from the comfort of their homes. Depending on the number of followers a person has on these sites, they can earn online. It is possible to be an influencer through social media. People can become brand ambassadors and influencers through the followers they have garnered on social media. The content uploaded on the sites can accumulate earnings as well as sponsored ads. Social media sites also hire people in different fields such as marketing, data analytics, and management.

Online shopping

Due to COVID-19, many individuals favor online shopping in the bid to stay safe at home. The online shoppers’ numbers have risen in Singapore due to the directives to remain at home. Due to the rise of online shoppers, the demand for goods and services from online retailers is beyond manageable by the current workforce, and this has led to mass recruitment to fill in the gap. There are various job opportunities on these online shopping platforms. They are not limited to online shopping experts but also in other fields such as data management, finance, supply chain, and marketing. Apart from being a job seeker, it is possible to seize the opportunity and be an investor by supplying the goods to online retailers and forming partnerships. For example, Carousel has grown in Singapore at a high rate and has expanded to other countries in the region. It started off selling second-hand items that were in good shape or refurbished, and one can seize such an opportunity and start selling goods.

There are a lot of job opportunities for Singapore citizens who have been left jobless by the pandemic. They can work from home (WFH) and access jobs through the SGUnited jobs initiative, which is cautioning citizens against the adverse effects of the pandemic.