When you heard the word SEO, what comes into your mind? Well, for a lot of people, when they hear the word Search Engine Optimization, they tend to think of a very limited kind of optimization. Keep in mind that placing keywords and optimizing the speed of the website are not the only things that will help you rank your business website at the top of the SERP. There are different types of SEO types and tactics that you need to use for ranking your site high on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So, if you are thinking about why your business needs SEO when you’ve built a website, then this article is the right for you. Why? Because we’ve managed to compile a list of different types of SEO that will get your site ranking highly on the SERP. In reality, An SEO agency Denver will raise brand recognition, build trust & credibility among the customers, and drive organic traffic to your website. This means that your business will be getting leads and will be generating more sales than before. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your online presence with the help of a reputable SEO agency in Denver that understands the specific needs of your local market.

SEO Tactics That Helps In Site Ranking

Below we’ve listed a couple of SEO types and tactics that will help you rank your business brand’s website to rank for the keywords that you are targeting.

On-Page SEO

Well, we all are familiar with on-page SEO. Such type of optimization includes all the things that the end user will see when they land on your website. For most of the part, the end users will only be seeing the graphical and textual content.

This is why you need to upload high-quality content on your website that is the most relevant and informative as possible. Keep in mind that you are not only uploading the content for the end users but also for the search engine.

Off-Page SEO

As compared to on-page SEO, off-page is a bit different and difficult. The off-page SEO plays a vital role in optimization. In off-page SEO, you will be getting links to your website that will help in bringing visitors. Once your website has started to get more visitors on a daily basis, the search engines will consider your site to become authoritative. This means that the search engines will rank your website on the top of the SERP because it provides the people on the internet with legit information.

Technical SEO

Well, a lot of people classify technical SEO as a subset of on-page SEO, but this is not the case. The technical SEO is related to on-page factors but it has to do a lot with the things that happen behind the scene.

Things such as optimizing the images, uploading speed of the website, sitemap, caching information, and other such things can help your SEO.

Although technical SEO might sound intimidating, if you need to provide a good user experience, you will need to take care of it as well.

Local SEO

A lot of businesses only tend to sell their services online, right? Well, most of them might also have a physical store where they need customers. So, local SEO is also an important factor that should be taken into account. You need to optimize your website for local SEO as well. For that, you will need to claim your brand on Google My Business, optimize the photos, provide descriptive information, and get legit reviews from the customer.

Just make sure that all the information that you are providing is up to date and correct in all manners.


Well, as the name implies, ASO does not look and sound the same as SEO, right? Well, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are not the only search engines out there. App Store (Android and iOS) are also a type of search engine for mobile applications.

ASO stands for App Store Optimization, and it is very similar to off-page SEO. Unlike SEO, there a fewer factors that you can influence, and honestly, you need to keep a focus on those if you want your application to rank well.

YouTube Optimization

Similar to app store optimization, YouTube SEO targets a specific audience, but it has a significant impact on the volume of traffic you receive. Many people are unaware that one of the most widely used search engines in the world is YouTube, and that ranking for a popular search there is absolute gold.

And you can get an even bigger boost if you can rank one of your videos for a typical Google search. So how does content get optimized for YouTube?

Final Thoughts

Understanding the diverse aspects of SEO is crucial for optimizing your website and enhancing its visibility in search engine rankings. On-page SEO concentrates on optimizing individual web pages, while off-page SEO entails creating external links and promoting your site through different channels. Technical SEO guarantees that your website is easily accessible to search engines and offers a seamless user experience.

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