Embroidery is the art of making a surface or piece of cloth beautiful! Using a needle and thread, embroidering creates designs that embellish the existing fabric.

However, this kind of art is very diverse–so there are many different types of embroidery to choose from.

Are you interested in learning more about embroidery and similar types of hobbies? Whether you are new to this art form or you are looking for a new kind of stitch to practice, this article is for you!

Keep reading to learn about some of the embroidery techniques used today.

Canvas Work (Needlepoint)

Canvas work is embroidery on a canvas rather than on a piece of fabric. In the United States, this technique is known as needlepoint.

Canvas work often uses a tent stitch and can use a variety of threads (wool, cotton, silk, etc). Some artists combine needlepoint with painting to create mixed-media works of art!

Because artists create it on such a sturdy material, needlepoint is a versatile art form. It can be framed as wall art, turned into book covers, added to seat covers, and many other uses.

If you are just getting into your embroidery hobby, this is probably the type you have come across the most!

Brazilian Embroidery

This kind of embroidery is famous for its textures. This technique uses various stitches to create a three-dimensional effect (like that of puff embroidery). Brazilian embroidery focuses on floral designs.

Unlike needlepoint, which uses many different types of thread, Brazilian embroidery uses only one. All artists within this technique use rayon embroidery floss.

While only one type of thread artists use in this technique, there are several types of stitches that are employed to add the famous texture to these works of art. Artists will use French knots, cast-on stitches, drizzle stitches, bullion knots, and more!

Crazy Quilting

Out of all the types of embroidery, this one might have the most fun name! First popularized in the Victorian era, crazy quilting grew out of necessity.

Quilts were often made from irregularly sized pieces of scrap fabric. Artists embellish the seams in “crazy” ways to add beauty and interest to something that was made with old scraps.

While this technique has been around for quite a while, it is as popular today as it was over a century ago!

Just as the fabric is a collection of scraps, so is the thread. Artists use threads of different sizes, materials, and textures to add interest and beauty to fabrics that might have ended up in the trashcan. This is the best embroidery for someone with a lot of creative energy!

Which of These Types of Embroidery Do You Prefer?

Every artist and hobbist is different. No matter your preferences, there are types of embroidery for you! This art is full of colors and textures and can draw inspiration from everything you see in the world around you.

Are you interested in picking up a new hobby, or bringing more art into your life?

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