It takes approximately four years to become a dentist. A long time in anyone’s book! Nevertheless, we are all eternally grateful for those among us who take the time to get familiar with the inner workings of our pearly whites each time we feel a sharp pain or notice a cavity. 

But what dental treatments are they learning throughout those four years? And what services can you rely upon your local dentist to help you with?

Well in this article we will run down the most common dental procedures for you to be in the know.  


Starting with a procedure that we all know too well, fillings are perhaps among the most common dental treatments carried out.

Performed to resolve cracks or decaying in teeth, they are usually done quickly with never more than a local anesthetic needed. Fillings can be made of gold, silver, porcelain, or dental resin.   

Teeth Whitening 

While store-bought teeth whitening kits are all the rage, there is no comparison to the effects had when visiting a dentist. 

Dentists can carry out professional teeth whitening far quicker than we could ever do at home. They generally use hydrogen peroxide gel and also bleach teeth using special lights for you to get that Hollywood smile.  


When a cavity is a little too big for a filling, crowns are usually in order. Crowns are caps that fit over the existing tooth or teeth, providing the security and aesthetic uniformity that comes with healthy teeth.  

While not a painful procedure, crowns can take more than one session with your local dentist as it is one of those dental treatments that need precision to ensure success. Once your dentist makes a mold in your first appointment, a crown is then made to measure in a laboratory.  

Dental Extractions 

There are many reasons why your family dentist will decide that the best course of action is to take out a tooth. These can range from badly decaying teeth to wisdom teeth

Although it may seem scary beforehand, patients are given either local or general anesthetic for the procedure, meaning that it is painless at the time.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is another among the most common reasons someone will go to receive dental treatments. It is usually the remedy for terrible tooth pain, as the tissue around the root and blood supply to the tooth is reacting to infection and inflammation. 

To resolve this the first step taken is often to take antibiotics to quell the swelling. Afterward, your dentist will remove the infected tissue and fill the hole to ensure that there is no further infection.

Although many feel apprehension when they are told they need root canal treatment, it is good to remember that they are like bread and butter in the dental industry. You will be in good hands, plus the relief felt afterward will supersede any anxiety that you had before. 

Do You Know Your Dental Treatments? 

Going to the dentist often fills many with fear, but having a good idea about the different types of dental treatments is the best remedy.

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We hope you enjoyed our dental procedures breakdown. Be sure to check out the other great health content we have on our site!