There are many differences between medical silicone molding and traditional lsr molding, we need to carefully identify and understand the key points.

In many industries, liquid transmission, potting, lsr molding, and connection are necessary operation methods for pipe strips, so pipe strips basically belong to a class of products that can be used in any industry. For example, PVC pipes, plastic pipes, special rubber pipe strips, etc., but in some aspects, environmental protection and safety materials must be used to ensure the transmission of liquid air flow, so silicone material pipe strips have to be used. This is the meaning of medical silicone molding.Common, and what are the more prominent properties of silicone rubber pipe strips?

The significance of medical silicone molding in 2022

In 2022, with the increasing demand in the medical lsr molding industry, the role of silicone rubber tube strips will become more and more extensive. All current clinical equipment and medical peripheral auxiliary materials in the country to fight against the new coronavirus need to use medical grade silicone tube strips.

Most of the production materials are made of polydimethylsiloxane. Because this compound is a market-proven medical silicone molding material.

The main characteristics of this polymer are high strength, good ductility, stable fracture resistance, high and low-temperature thermal stability, and chemical stability.

One of the reasons for choosing lsr molding silicone materials in the medical industry is that silicone products have good density and maintain good hydrophobicity. The process of medical silicone molding can be analyzed in terms of refractive index. In the absence of surfactant enhancers, it is compatible with water quality, so it is relatively stable in routine use.

Due to the particularity of the material macromolecules, the silicone tube strip does not conflict with any substance, so it is not easy to breed bacteria when used in medical treatment. It can be transmitted with different drugs and water quality without destroying the quality of the liquid. Provides good drug protection.

Good performance is one of the medical silicone keys. In addition, it also has an outstanding appearance and craftsmanship. medical silicone molding has different refractive silicone indices because the lsr molding elastomer used to make the hose is made of silicone polymer and amorphous dioxide.

Outlook of LSR molding industry

The lsr molding composition, different permeability, and effects are still related to the mold of the mold-added silicone tube manufacturer. The mirror effect of the mold can achieve good transparency, while the fog effect can only achieve a translucent effect. It is translucent and fully transparent in appearance.

You can clearly see the liquid and substances flowing inside the tube, so you can feel at ease. Compared with some ordinary thermoplastic hoses, the natural color of many thermoplastic tubes is mostly cloudy and translucent. , the permeability is low and the performance cannot reach the expected use effect, lsr molding is not easy to be used for medical liquid transmission during use, medical silicone pointed out the solution.

Silicone rubber pipes have different production processes. The more common processing methods are extrusion molding. The medical silicone product is cured and formed by the vertical hole mold along with the raw material extrusion through the mold shape under high-temperature strength.

The product curing time is short, the lsr molding process is simple, and the length It can be extended indefinitely. In addition to the round shape, the tube strip can also be made into a square shape and a variety of external cross-sectional shapes.

The lsr molding process is suitable for the use of tube strips in various industries. It can be used in medical and household electrical appliances, as well as in the daily surrounding environment.