Television has always been a key source of entertainment for many people, and it has come a long way since its invention. The emergence of the internet has changed the way people live and conduct their daily activities. From communication to entertainment, it has impacted every aspect of our lives.

People now are no longer satisfied with watching content on traditional TV, they want to be in total control of their content choices and channel lineup. As the increasing demands have transformed the TV business from provider-driven to consumer-driven, people now prefer watching content on their smart devices. The options are no longer limited, and you might have come across two major technologies, Internet TV and Internet Protocol TV, and while they might sound similar, they are completely different. Let’s look at their differences to understand the right option for you.

What is Internet TV?

Internet TV delivers television content over the internet on your devices, and you can view it through websites and applications. Internet TV is available wherever the broadband connection exists, and it allows you to watch your favorite content on the go.


  • Inexpensive
  • No additional equipment required


  • Not secure as it uses a public domain
  • Gets affected by traffic and low bandwidth

What is Internet Protocol TV?

Internet Protocol Television delivers secure and reliable content over computer networks and is usually classified as live television or live media. Its services include On-demand listings, and interactive TV, delivered across networks that use IP protocols to transport the signals. In IPTV, network security and performance are prioritized to deliver a high-quality user experience.


  • High-quality content
  • Secure and reliable service


  • Expensive
  • Limited networks

Significant Differences between Internet TV & IPTV:


While internet TV delivers content through websites and applications over the internet, IPTV delivers content through available sources on the internet like Dailymotion, YouTube, HBO, Disney+, and more. Internet TV transfers packets over the existing internet infrastructure with the help of TCP/UDP protocols. IPTV, on the other hand, transmits packets through a dedicated private network managed by IPTV providers.

In simple terms, internet TV and IPTV differ in their broadcasting. While IPTV is delivered on a private network, internet TV is on a public one. This means that, although IPTV provides secure and high-speed content, it is expensive. Whereas, you don’t have to worry about this restriction with internet TV, and you can watch your favorite shows without worrying about price hikes. Read also about mbc2030


You can access internet TV shows and channels wherever the internet connection exists. The best thing about internet TV is that it doesn’t confine you to a place or limit you to a device. You can watch your favorite shows on your smart TV, phone, or tablet at any location. Internet Protocol TV, on the other hand, like a cable box, requires a decoder box that binds you to a TV and offers limited programs.


Cost is also an important factor. The best internet providers offer free internet TV streaming, and even if some of them charge for it, it is relatively cheaper than other TV services. You also don’t have to worry about contracts or down payments with internet TV. It is an ideal service for saving some money.

Meanwhile, IPTV can cost you some extra money as it has separate providers who include monthly charges along with charges related to particular services. You also need to lease your decoder box, but IPTV is still cheaper than cable or satellite TV services. Every provider is different and has plans with different prices depending on your network choices.


As internet TV is delivered over the existing internet infrastructure, ISPs are responsible for this service. Streaming is a good option if you prefer online TV, and it is also an ideal way to save your money as it doesn’t require any additional installation. You can avail of this service with your existing ISP, and the amount you’ll save depends on your chosen ISP. Some providers offer affordable bundle deals like Spectrum  Double Play. If you want a live streaming option while still saving some money, opting for a TV & internet bundle is your best option.

Meanwhile, IPTV is delivered over a private network and has different providers, each offering LIVE TV, and Video On Demand. The compatible platforms and costs vary with each provider. Some of the best IPTV providers include IPTV Trends, Xtreme HD IPTV, Worthystream, and more.


Internet TV gives you access to global content. You can watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere and any time on the go.

While IPTV programs include video on demand, LIVE TV, and time-shifted media. You can even enjoy multiple programs on the same screen. Although, do remember that some providers limit the number of programs to save their bandwidth.


IPTV is compatible with Smart TVs, but if you have a regular TV, you’ll need an additional set-top box to convert streaming signals into a readable format. But if you don’t have a TV and you want to access IPTV on a smart device, you’ll need a wireless internet connection, a set-top box, a router for connecting to the set-top box, and your preferred smart device.

On the other hand, internet TV doesn’t need any additional equipment. It works fine with your existing internet router/modem. This service is mostly ideal for computers, smartphones, and WiFi TVs.

Final Words

Entertainment is necessary for unwinding after a long day, but not many people have the time to follow a schedule. The evolution of the internet has impacted our way of watching TV as well, and now we have other options besides traditional cable and satellite TV services.

Internet TV and IPTV may have similar names, but the similarities end there. With different broadcasting methods, the choice comes down to your preferences. If you want a service that gives you the convenience of watching your favorite shows anywhere and at any time, you should go for internet TV. But if you prefer high-quality and secure content and you don’t mind following a schedule, you should go for Internet Protocol TV.

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