Vibrant illuminated signs direct people’s attention to retailers, clubs, and cinemas as they stroll or drive through downtown Minneapolis. Companies have only a few seconds to pique the interest of pedestrians. Nevertheless, in suburbs such as Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, and Lakeville, a much more lowkey approach is required. This is certainly true, especially in the town’s more vintage areas, and signage in a rural or suburban location appears to be more subtle while still attracting the interest of potential clients.

Whether your company is in the metropolitan area, the suburbs, or the countryside, it’s essential to know the city rules, which may prohibit sign installation depending on local preferences. Make sure to find a sign maker who knows all of the regulations and can assist you in staying in compliance without compromising the quality or aesthetic appeal of your greatest branding tool.

Signs in Suburban Areas and the City

If you wish to match the color palette or structural features of the area, you may encounter more limitations in design in suburban and rural areas. Aside from that, although you want your signs to make a statement, they should not compete with the structures and other things that surround them. The kind of signs you utilize is also determined by the amount of foot traffic or street activity you could foresee.

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is a freestanding structure that promotes your company’s name in addition to its goods and services. A tall pylon sign that lists the names of every shop in the square is frequent in high-traffic regions. A customized pylon sign establishes a landmark on the outside of your establishment and puts your business on top of the competition.

Building laws frequently include height limits that must be worked around in the suburbs’ typically level skylines. This kind of sign is best suited for suburban retail stores and other locations along the highway where there are no height limitations on signs to entice travelers. Pylon signage may not be permitted in metropolitan regions where skyscrapers are dominant. Due to the vast number of signs located in a more heavily populated area, big cities are far more restrained on sign dimensions and numbers.

Monument Signs

This sign is smaller in size than a pylon sign, but still advertises your business, introduces your firm to the public, and lets you differentiate your organization from the other businesses in the area.

Communicate with your sign maker to identify the combination of colors, materials, and structural characteristics that will appeal to your target audience.

Monument signs are appropriate for companies in less busy regions. This may include both urban residential districts and more interactive villages in the outskirts and surrounding areas. A lot of schools, hospitals, retail malls, and airports use this kind of sign for navigation and because it is stylish and subtle.

Lit Signs

LED signs illuminate the area where it is installed and are visible at all times of day and night. These signs are ideal for locations with high foot traffic or for establishments that stay open late. Discuss with your sign maker if your establishment is a good candidate for indoor or outdoor LED signs that draw customers out at night.

You can advertise your business in two ways: flat to the walls or building, or racecourse style, in which the letters stick out of the wall to provide a feeling of perspective from a distance.

Directional/Navigational Signs

Wayfinding or navigational signage shows customers how to find your business in an urban context. To bring attention and sales to your business, consider using more vibrant color schemes, bolder fonts, and LED lighting.

The placement of navigation signs differs between urban and suburban environments. Because foot activity is sparse in the suburbs or rural areas, the lettering must be big enough for moving cars to read.


“Location, location, location,” as the old real estate cliché goes, emphasizes the significance of location when searching for properties. The same is true for personalized business signs. If your company has the option of deciding where to place your sign, it is critical to evaluate its location. The visibility of your sign to the general public is determined by its location. A variety of things can influence the positioning of your customized business sign.

We assist our clients by determining the ideal sight lines. Putting the sign in an area with no obscured views improves its visibility. This applies to both on-building and freestanding signs.
ShieldCo custom signs are installed by professionals working in the industry for more than 5 years. Give them a call and get your signs today no matter where your business is – whether you’re in the suburbs or in the urban city.