Unsheath your weapons for this one, because you won’t be needing it for RuneScape’s next front in the Elder God Wars.

Terror blooms as the slumbering ancient evil beneath the Senntisen Graveyard has awakened. Surprise, surprise. Jagex has finally unveiled the details regarding the third Elder God Wars front. The Elder God Wars event has been happening for quite a while now, and so far, the reception has been positive. Jagex aims to keep up with the momentum by introducing Croesus, the first-ever skilling boss for RuneScape. Following the success of the Glacor and Nodon fronts, Croesus is unique in the sense that it will be the first boss that players will have to defeat by using gathering skills rather than, let’s say, combat. That’s certainly a tall order and almost ambitious, but actually, this isn’t technically the first skilling boss in RuneScape. While RuneScape 3 never received one, its older brother, Old School RuneScape, actually has several. It was only a matter of time before the modern version got the equivalent. So just what can players expect when facing the Croesus? Will they get tons of RuneScape gold and rare RuneScape items after finishing it? Let’s find out.

No Need to Die

Croesus introduces a couple of ideas that players have never seen before. For one, when battling against RuneScape’s first skilling boss, it’ll be downright impossible to die during the fight. The right, there’s no need to die when facing a boss this time around. Although keep in mind that teams will still be able to lose if they weren’t able to deal enough damage through skilling. Unfortunately, the specific mechanics of the fight haven’t been spilled by Jagex yet, and it’ll most probably stay like that up until the boss is officially released to the public. But hey, the great thing is that Jagex divulge a lot of information when it came down to the rewards that players can get by defeating Croesus. Things like RuneScape gold and all sorts of RuneScape items are all part of the norms at this point when receiving rewards, so it’s nice to know that there are going to be a couple of rare drops here and there to hype the players up.

The Rewards

Should players defeat Croesus, they’ll be provided a chance to receive one of several rare drops. Among them include the new set of tier 90 Magic tank armor called the Cryptobloom Armor–talk about being on par when it comes to the theme! The Cryptobloom Armor has several additional effects that make it special. For one, those effects mainly focus on reducing incoming damage. Players will also be delighted to know that the armor effects scale is based on the number of individual pieces worn.

Two new skilling off-hands are also some of the rewards that players get when defeating Croesus. Sana’s Frytorch can be used for Woodcutting and adds a +6% success rate buff; there’s also a 1 in 5 chance where players can receive an extra log when using it for cutting lumber. The next off-hand weapon is Tagga’s Core Hammer which is a level 80 Mining off-hand. By using it, players get to speed up the mining process of harvesting the materials. Plus, they also get increased critical strike damage against rocks by 35 and +10% critical strike chance.

Both Taggar’s Core Hammer and Sana’s Frytorch have a side effect wherein both of the skilling off-hands can be used to farm Deathspore and Splintering Arrowtips. The arrow tips, for those who don’t know, are typically used to create tier 95 arrows, thereby helping the bow becoming more relevant in the meta. There’s a lot of more details we can get into, but bottom line is, the two off-hands are heckin’ powerful.

The Release Date

Oh, we almost forgot! There’s a release date already planned for the Croesus front. The first-ever skilling boss will be added to RuneScape on September 27 which isn’t too far ahead. Other things besides the boss itself such as new skilling nodes that can be found outside of the arena will be added in as well. There will be nodes for the Fishing, Mining, Hunting, and Woodcutting skill. The goal of these nodes is to offer a lower intensity alternative for players that are planning on training these skills at higher levels.

Final Thoughts

The Croesus front will no doubt be unlike any other challenge that players have faced before, which is a good thing. The content in RuneScape has become a tad stale since OSRS typically gets all of the love but with the addition of new RuneScape items and an interesting boss to take down, longtime players might just finally have the reason to get back into the MMORPG. What do you think of RuneScape’s first-ever skilling boss? Let us know down below!

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