Give a new look to your outdoor living space with some unique ideas. Screened in Porch was found in 1880. This is a unique place for outdoor living and feels indoor comforts. You can watch the sunset with a cup of tea or one glass of wine. Porch is a place where you can spend your leisure time with family and friends. It is a good place to hang out. Make this place beautiful and attractive with some unique ideas given in below:

Cost to build a Porch:

If you plan to install a screened-in porch of approximately 200 sq. ft., you need to bear $500, including the labour charge, paint, screws, etc., required to build structure panels. If you hire an expert designer for the same project, then the cost will increase from the previous price.  

Design Ideas for Porch:

There is lots of design to do in Porch. You can build a porch with smaller panels because it is easy to repair and will cost less. Contrary, large panels provide a large open place but it is not easy to repair and more costly than smaller panels. Though, it is vary man to man that which design is best. A professional designer can make your porch so unique that you did not think. You can find many design ideas from the website. Check this link for latest design ideas. 

Screened porch with Fabric:

The fabric has an old history. People used rigid metal to paint doors and windows a long time ago, and today’s fabric has various options. There are so many porch enclosure ideas you can use with fabric.

  • Screen fabric fiberglass is soft and easy to work with.   
  • Aluminium screen fabric makes a stiff screen resist strong winds.
  • High visibility screen fabric is also made from fiberglass, but its features are better than fiberglass. Although some high-visibility fabrics may almost disappear inside your porch, they are usually more brittle than the low visibility fiberglass screen. 
  • Solar screen fabric is a synthetic fabric. It prevents sunlight from entering the porch. 

Flooring decoration Ideas for Porch:

The floor area is a very important place for many reasons. The floor decides what your porch looks like. You can install natural woods like pine because pine is soft and has long durability, and it is the most popular wood for the floor. You can also concrete your floor with bricks, cement, and stones. After completing the floor bottom, you can install marvels or tiles. But a wood floor looks better than a concrete floor.

Ceiling decoration for Porch:

A good ceiling decoration with a unique style also gives your porch a different and attractive look. 

  • Install a led bulb like a skylight. This light gives your ceiling a visual appeal. 
  • Paint the porch ceiling in HD colour and add art to the roof.
  • Hang some pot trees from the roof.

Design scheme for porch:

You need to select a design for your Screened porch. Your home structure and your personal vision will both impact your porch decoration. Select an old vintage look for your porch, including rocking chairs, a few vintage items, etc. You can paint desert colour or prefer American style or an Arizona room style to give turquoise touches.

Natural environment:

A screened in porch allows you to go with nature. Plant some trees around your porch. Plants cover your porch and blur the vision from outside and inside. 

Furniture for Small porch:

A small and narrow porch is easy to decor with a bench, a tea table, and two swing chairs. Although you can also install a small bar for hanging out with your loved ones. Do not overload your small porch with unnecessary items.     


There are many screened porches designs you will find. Make your place as beautiful as you can. Hope, this post helps you to gather some informative knowledge.