UV LED curing is a common process that dries or cures adhesives of ink coatings using ultraviolet lights. Most UV formations are liquid oligomers and monomers combined with a tiny percentage of photoinitiators before they are exposed to ultraviolet rays. The formation hardens within a short time, making it ready for the next step. 

UV LEDs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the high demand for eco-friendly and efficient options. UV LED curing units are the go-to technology in different applications like coatings, 3D printing, and adhesives due to the numerous benefits found in this solution. 

Below, we discuss everything you need to know about UV LED curing.

UV Light Risks 

A significant proportion of UV light output cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the spectrum is regarded as the safest part of this light. Overexposure to this light causes eye and skin conditions, such as skin aging, melanoma, carcinoma, and cataracts. 

It is advisable to limit exposure to this light using the following steps;

  • Avoid looking at the LED light directly or wear protective eye gear
  • Do not assume the red or blue light is dull
  • Avoid putting your hands under the lamps without protection
  • Be familiar with all products near your workstation. 

Ultraviolet sources produce low or high-intensity levels at close range, which is directly proportional to the distance from the light. Using the required safe handling procedures is advisable to make this light more friendly. 

Types of UV LED Curing

The main types of UV curing include flood, sport, and hand-held curing. UV units use a variety of lamps to emit UVA energy. Mercury lamps have been commonly used and are the best industrial option. Mercury lamps emit zone, which needs all exhaust units to maintain the best air quality.

LED UV curing has all the benefits of traditional UV units and has solutions to the issues faced with heat-set drying.  

How does UV LED Curing Enhance the Manufacturing Process?

Commercial-led uv led curing is developing at a fast rate, and it is hard not to see why. This rapid growth is mainly due to the adjustments in energy output and increased availability of ink and other adhesives. 

UV LED Curing is beneficial to the manufacturing sector in the following ways; 

A Cleaner, Cooler Cure

The main advantage of LED UV curing is it bypasses all heat hazards and has low energy costs because they do not emit infrared heat. This process also operates at low temperatures compared to mercury lamps. 

LED UV emits low amounts of heat that leave the substrate cool. This, in turn, allows users to print diverse heat substrates compared to mercury UV lamps. Another significant benefit of UV LED curing systems is it eliminates the intermediary drying step. This system removes the urge to dry powder, significantly reducing maintenance costs. 

UV-curable inks stay at the top of the substrate instead of penetrating like other inks. This further reduces the ink required for the best image density. 


UV LED lamps need certain inks and adhesives, so the LED curing process is environmentally friendly, as it lowers the emission of volatile organic compounds and the waste produced. 

Also, lamps do not emit UVA energy and are free from mercury, a harmful substance that is found in UV lamps. Eliminating ozone, heat, and mercury makes these lamps safer and enhances work improvement. 

Faster Production 

Another significant benefit of LED lamps is they are energy-saving and have fast production. Besides boosting capacity and output speed, the LED process lowers the stress on lights and energy usage. 

Remember, LED curing lacks moving parts and lowers the time to service parts like ballast. Most lamps are more efficient than arc lamps and have a more stable output than other designs. 

Users can also program their units to reduce waste and use production lines efficiently. 

Final Thoughts 

UV curing is a high-speed, low-temperature process that utilizes UV light to change coatings, inks, and adhesives. This process is becoming increasingly common and is available in different designs. UV LED curing has many benefits. and the above article has discussed everything you need to know about this process, and more information is available online.