There are many things you do in life that have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. Practices like engaging in regular exercise and eating a primarily plant-based diet go a long way toward good health, but they aren’t the only things that impact your well-being.

If you’ve been feeling out of balance lately, then you may be in need of a chakra cleanse. Thankfully, clearing chakras doesn’t involve dishing out a ton of money to a specialist.

Read on for some super simple methods to clear your chakras!

Color Balance

Sometimes, balancing chakras is as simple as spending some time focusing on the individual colors associated with each chakra in your body.

Your body has seven chakras, spanning from your root chakra to the crown chakra. The root chakra is associated with the color red, the sacral chakra is orange, the solar plexus is yellow, the heart chakra is green, the throat chakra is blue, the third eye is indigo, and the crown chakra is violet. 

If you want to ensure that your heart chakra is in good shape, consider incorporating more green foods into your diet. Steam some broccoli or add spinach to your omelet in the morning. If you’re working on your third eye, try adding purple kale or grapes.

You can also work on your chakras by engaging in meditation and focusing on these seven colors. Picture them radiating and intensifying. If you’re new to meditation, start with small sessions and increase your sessions as you adjust to it.

Sound Therapy

Chakra experts assert that each chakra in your body has an associated frequency. That doesn’t mean that you have to become a musician to clear your chakras. All you need to do to take advantage of this and clear your chakras is to engage in sound therapy.

Sound therapy can be as simple as listening to music or as complex as setting up a personal sound bath with a professional. One great way to take advantage of sound therapy is to try out a guided meditation that features music in frequencies associated with the chakras. 

If you want to engage more with your sound therapy, consider trying your hand at Tibetan singing bowls. You can purchase these bowls through many online retailers or through local yoga or meditation centers. If you’re not sure if this form of sound therapy is for you, consider booking a session with a local sound healer.

Work with Essential Oils

Essential oils are another great way to clear your chakras. In practice, essential oils are used to tonify your chakras, which means that they bring out the positive aspects of them.

There are many different types of essential oils that work well with your chakras. For example, vetiver is associated with your root chakra and can help you feel grounded. Lavender is a universal essential oil but is most closely associated with your sacral chakra.

While essential oils are one of the most effective ways to reach peace with your chakras, you need to take a couple of steps to ensure you use them safely. First, you should never use essential oils internally or add them to food. Before applying them to your skin, make sure they are diluted in a carrier oil. 

Practice Visualization Regularly

You know that meditation is effective in many ways when it comes to your chakras. Visualization is another way you can use meditation to balance and cleanse your chakras. It’s particularly effective when you’re feeling out of balance in general.

Start by getting comfortable and focusing on your breathing. Then, visualize healing energy flowing through your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. If you experience warmth or tingling in your body, don’t be alarmed, it just means the visualization is doing its job. 

Spend Time in Nature

Today’s world is centered around urban cities and suburbs. We spend so much time at the office or in traffic that we rarely find the time to get out in nature. If this sounds like your life, then your chakras might also feel out of balance.

Make some time to get out in nature every week. Head to a local park and kick off your shoes to feel the earth beneath your feet. This will help balance your root chakra and make you feel more grounded.

Don’t forget that nature is rich in all the chakra colors. Take in those colors as you explore, and you’ll come away from the experience refreshed.

Focus on Spiritual Growth

Your crown chakra is your spiritual center. If you’re struggling with your spirituality, then it’s time to do some work on that chakra. 

Explore different spiritual practices, like astrology. If you’re interested in learning about the power of numbers, you can do things like learn about the number 8 meaning. You can also connect with a local spiritual person in your area to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Chakra-Centered Chanting

Chakra chanting is a great way to balance and reinvigorate your chakras. It works similarly to sound healing, except the sound comes from inside of your body instead of outside. The vibrations from your body help clear blocked chakras.

You can also chant single syllable mantras associated with the different chakras. For example, the word “om” is associated with the crown chakra and the word “yum” is associated with your heart chakra. Spend some time learning these words to craft the chant that best works for your needs.

Clearing Chakras Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Clearing chakras might sound like a complicated process that involves a series of specialists. Sometimes, all it takes to clear your chakras is to focus on becoming a more spiritual person and meditation on your chakra colors. The more you work on regular chakra cleansing, the better you’ll feel overall.

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