Rear-end collisions are among the most common accidents on the road and typically occur due to driver recklessness or negligence. There can be several contributing factors for rear-end collisions, including: 

Distracted driving

Rear-end collisions are a major problem on the roads – studies show that distracted driving is one of the main culprits. Activities like texting, talking on the phone, and even tuning on the radio can take people’s attention away from the road and onto some other distraction. It only takes a few seconds for a person who isn’t paying attention to end up crashing into someone in front of them. 

Education about the dangers of distractions while behind the wheel is essential for people to understand, as rear-end collisions can end up costing people their lives. If drivers are more aware of their duty to pay attention and stay off their phones, then we’ll all be safer on our highways and byways!

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

One frequent cause of rear-end collisions is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When a motorist has been drinking or using narcotics, their motor skills and reaction time are severely impaired. This leaves them incapable of responding quickly to sudden changes in their environment such as a car suddenly stopping in front of them. 

Those moments count – if they’re able to click that seatbelt buckle a fraction of a second faster, they may not be involved in this type of accident at all. It’s an incredibly powerful lesson: think before you drink and never drive while under the influence; you could save yourself and others a lot of pain and suffering.


Since speed is a major contributing factor in rear-end collisions, it is important to ensure that drivers adhere to the posted speed limit for safety. Reckless speeding not only puts the driver of the vehicle at risk but all other drivers and pedestrians sharing the road. Oftentimes, rear-end collisions cause considerable damage to both vehicles and serious injuries to those involved. 

Drivers should also pay attention to weather and road conditions as well as traffic flow, which are all necessary factors when it comes to going at an appropriate speed for safety and avoiding possible collisions. Going too fast could cost someone their life or incur huge medical bills; everyone needs to be aware of their driving speed and stay conscious of their surroundings when on the roads.

Following too closely

Rear-end collisions are often caused by one driver following too closely behind the car in front. This type of collision happens when the car in the back fails to slow down or stop fast enough after the car in front does. It is important for drivers to be aware of their distance from other vehicles and make sure that they leave plenty of room for unexpected stops. 

Avoiding rear-end collisions is as simple as allowing adequate space between vehicles and slowing down or stopping your vehicle if you see that traffic ahead has stopped or slowed suddenly. Doing so can help drivers avoid becoming involved in an accident, reduce stress on their vehicle, and save them valuable time – not to mention money.

Failing to yield when changing lanes

Rear-end collisions have far too often resulted from drivers failing to yield when changing lanes. It is of utmost importance that all drivers know and abides by the roadway rules of common courtesy – having patience while switching lanes, yielding to oncoming traffic, and using your rearview mirrors and turn signals whenever necessary. 

An instance when it is especially important to be attentive to those around you is when you come upon a slower driver in the passing lane. Instead of tailgating or getting aggressive, it’s best to patiently wait for an opportunity to merge over safely and slowly. A distracted glance away from the road or aggression can quickly turn into a disaster as dozens of vehicles are moving at high speeds surrounding one another every day. Taking that extra step will help ensure everyone’s safety – not just yours!

Unfortunately, these types of accidents can have serious consequences. Some potential consequences include fatalities, vehicle damage, injured passengers, medical expenses, legal issues, and even insurance increases. 
Rear-end collisions can be costly and even tragic. In the worse cases, they can lead to unwarranted deaths and massive car damage. Even if it is just an injury, passengers may face substantial medical expenses. A car accident attorney in Provo can help guide you through the legal process and insurance issues that arise after a rear-end collision. By being attentive while behind the wheel, following the rules of the road, and making sure to keep your distance from the car in front of you, driving can become much safer – and free from unexpected surprises.