Do you love the water and want to make it part of your life in a bigger way? If so, starting a pool cleaning business is a great way to do so.

However, there are already over 80,000 pool cleaning companies. You’ll have your work cut out for you if you want to make a name for yourself and thrive in the industry.

Unfortunately, opening a pool cleaning business isn’t as simple as calling people to see if they need help. Read the brief guide below to learn how to start a new pool business and become a small business owner.

Create a Plan

The first step to becoming one of the best pool cleaners in your area is to create a plan. What type of service do you want to offer, and will you sell any products?

A great plan will give you a roadmap to forming and running your business in the future. It will ensure you always know what to do and allow you to adapt as things change in the future.

Get Licensed and Certified

Do you want to show up at your customers’ homes to get work done? If so, you can’t just start doing so without getting licensed.

Every location has different regulations you need to know to work as a home contractor. You’ll need to learn what those regulations are and prove to your local government that you know the rules.

There are also certifications like that will help you show your knowledge to your customers. Look into the various certifications available.

Plan Your Budget

Now that you have a plan and the paperwork to show you can do the job, the next step is to create a budget.

This number can vary significantly based on what you offer. If you’re primarily a service business, you’ll need the tools and materials to serve your customers. If you have a storefront, you’ll need inventory to stock the shelves.

You also need to consider building space, employee wages, and many other things. Figure this out beforehand, so you know how much you’ll need upfront and how much you’ll need monthly to keep the lights on.

Form a Marketing Plan

Now that you have everything you need to start your business, you’ll need to figure out how to get customers. There are already many pool maintenance and cleaning companies, so you can’t expect to get customers from day one.

You’ll need a great marketing plan to make that happen. Look at where your ideal customer hangs out and develop a way to reach them. In many cases, you can do this on the internet. Look into creating a website, social media accounts, and paid ads to start reaching your customers.

Of course, you may not see a profit when you first start. You’ll need to gather data and optimize your marketing campaigns until you start turning a profit.

Now You’re Ready to Start Your Pool Cleaning Business

It takes more than a desire to be in the pool industry to start a new company successfully. You need a plan for success and a way to prove that you can meet your customer’s needs. Use the guide above to start a pool cleaning business the right way.

Of course, you’ll need to learn more about running a company to keep the lights on at your business. Check out the blog to find more business tips that will help.