In this blog post, you will get answers on when the best time to post on Instagram is. That way, you can create a strategy that ensures better engagement and more followers.

You will also gain knowledge about scheduling posts and the importance of Instagram algorithms in relation to this.

To turn your hard-earned followers into real money, we also give you the inspiration to think in audiences and collaborations.

You will be familiar with the going with topics:

At whatever point is the best an ideal opportunity to post on Instagram?

For what reason is it essential to arrange for when to post on Instagram?

What does Instagram’s calculation mean for best occasions?

Help to track down your ideal objective gathering and accomplices

Whenever is the best an optimal chance to post on Instagram?

Monday – Friday

07: 00-09: 00

Morning reading. Here, people are either on their way to work or school and therefore there will be many active users during this time period.

12: 00-14: 00

Lunch reading. It is very common to scroll through his feed during lunch. You can therefore catch quite a few people here.

17: 00-18: 00

Fyraften. Now that people are on their way home, there will therefore – as in the morning – be relatively many active users during this time period.

21: 00-23: 00

Bedtime. Many people choose to scroll through their Instagram feed before going to sleep.

Saturday and Sunday

09: 00-11: 00

On the relaxed weekends, the morning routines only start a little later than on weekdays. Therefore, this time period will be ideal for catching the morning fresh weekend eyes.

14: 00-17: 00

Just before the festive evening plans begin on the weekend, there is usually time for a little Instagram scrolling. You may therefore want to consider whether or not you should post here.


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What is the significance of time zones and audiences for the best time to post on Instagram?

The aforementioned periods are general best practices for a Danish / European audience – but it will always vary from person to person when it pays best to post on Instagram.

For example, would you like to hit a foreign audience like the US market?

Then, of course, you would do well to convert the mentioned time periods to American time.

If you are already well run on Instagram, you can analyze your own data to determine the best post time for you.

Go to “Folwos – here you will find important information about your followers that can help you optimize your Instagram strategy. If, for example, you have many followers from England, you can convert the aforementioned time periods to English time – ie Danish time minus one hour.

Here you will also get an insight into what age your followers are primarily. This allows you to get the most out of your position as an influencer.

A good piece of advice is also to split the best times for you – that is, you post at. 10 one Saturday, and at. 11 the second Saturday. Then you see which post performed best.

This allows you to try a little back and forth and find the perfect time for you and your profile.

Why is it important to plan when to post on Instagram?

Instagram’s algorithms make posts with high engagement after publication perform better.

When you post a new post, Instagram only presents it to about 10% of your followers.

It is therefore essential that as many people as possible interact with it. If many people interact with it within a short time, Instagram considers that your post must also be relevant to others.

This exposes your post in even more feeds, which makes you and your content more and more popular – and so the circle continues.

If your post comes out at the wrong time, only a few people will interact with it – and you will lose momentum, and Instagram will rate you and your post is irrelevant.

That is why something as simple as internet speed is equally crucial. It is of no use that you can not upload and share your cool video from your content marketing strategy when users are online on eg Instagram. You can appropriately test this in the workplace.

Therefore, timing is absolutely essential if you want to become a successful influencer.

Your mobile is one of your most important work tools. Therefore, it is crucial that this works and performs, no matter where you are in the country and when. The wireless 5G mobile network has arrived in Denmark. So if you are not in the office or at home with Wifi, it makes sense to ensure the best possible internet connection on the go.

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