Since the widespread availability of computers to the general public back in the 1980s and 1990s, technology has been a vital component of most businesses. However, in the past two decades, the importance of technology on a global scale has exploded into a technological revolution.

We are at a moment in history where the world and all of our businesses are dependent on technology in some shape or fashion. But that doesn’t mean that the tech we use is the most efficient option.

Neglecting to update your tech with the times can create a situation where your SMB or SME is falling behind with outdated tech hindering your operational capacity.

So, without further ado, here’s some of the best tech for small business owners – incorporating everything from useful tools to business gadgets that can improve employee morale.

Got A Website? Get A Server

Getting an in-house server may seem like a major step, and it may seem like an unnecessary step in certain cases. But if you handle a vast quantity of data or have an extensive website, it may turn out to be cheaper in the long run to get a server.

That’s not to mention that having your own server can increase your website uptime as well as give you more control over your digital assets.

There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing to a third party for your website or data storage but if their servers go down, so do your services or e-commerce portals. While most hosting companies will work around the clock to ensure that never happens, it does. And when it does, the truth of the matter may be that you are not their top priority; another client may be.

Moving all of this in-house is the easiest and safest solution, and it is cheaper than you may first think. Brilliant companies such as ETB Technologies are also selling refurbished server tech for this very purpose.

Refurbished tech is a great way to get exactly what you need and save as you do so. Don’t forget to get a decent firewall to protect any in-house server you do have!

Create A Fun Workplace Environment Using Tech

The workplace environment is very important for employee morale. Keeping your employees happy is key to keeping them productive and creating a place they will love to be.

Creating a great environment for your employees doesn’t mean spending on something ridiculous like an in-house gym. It can be a fairly low-cost investment, such as getting an Alexa and a Spotify subscription to allow a constant stream of feel-good music in the office.

Alternatively, you can provide your employees with plenty of refreshments with a top-of-the-line coffee machine that can make an abundance of different coffee-themed beverages. 

Invest Your Workstations

Good workstations are vital for digital specific operations to keep your business efficient and give your employees everything they need to meet KPIs and quotas.

But it isn’t enough to buy just any old laptop for your employee. Get them a workstation that is tailored to their needs. Ask them what operating system they prefer, if there is a particular keyboard and mouse option that works better for them, or if there is anything, in particular, they need for their workstation – such as an extra monitor.

And for laptops, having portable laptop chargers is great to give your employees more freedom to work away from the office.

Remote Plugs

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but it can save you money on your utility bills every single day. Remote plugs are ideal for controlling your office’s appliance consumption and ensuring that you don’t overspend by leaving things on overnight that don’t need to be left on.

Remote plugs are exactly what you think they are; plugs that can be switched on and off remotely. Left the lights on? Maybe you forget to switch off a desktop workstation? With these plugs, you can switch them off remotely using your mobile phone.

No more wasted electricity.

Hardware-Encrypted SSDs and HDDs

It may be worth looking into hardware-encrypted data storage for businesses that hold onto critical data of any kind.

These devices can secure your data on an encrypted solid-state drive or hard disk drive for storage and transportation. This is a great way to keep financial information, confidential employee information, or client information safe, especially for businesses requiring their employees to travel frequently.


When it comes to running a digital-based business, or any business, having the right technology to support your operations is vital to success. While incorporating technology into your operational capacity as a business may not have been critical 20 years ago, it is a must in today’s world.

Stay up to date and future proof your business.