By adding appliances and devices that you can operate from anywhere, you can make your house a little more livable and a lot more automated. When a home has at least a few smart home appliances, it becomes more functional and versatile. They’ll improve it in terms of comfort, security, and energy efficiency. We don’t mean a roof and four walls crammed with confusing sensors when we say “smart home”. This encompasses both control systems and remotely operated home appliances.

You no longer have to be concerned about neglected electrical appliances or unwanted entry to your flat. To use smart home technology, you don’t need to make major changes to your home’s construction, it usually plugs into regular outlets or runs on batteries or an accumulator, and is controlled by remotes, buttons, and smartphones. Here, have a look at the top smart home devices that you should have for 2022.

  1. Smart Light Bulbs

For good reason, light bulbs are one of the most popular smart goods. They’re simple to set up, and illumination is an important aspect of our daily lives. You have several options if you’re seeking the best smart lighting system. When you first install a smart lighting system, you’ll need a Hue Bridge, which acts as a hub for all of your Hue-compatible bulbs. This means you’ll pay a little more upfront, but your lights will respond to your commands faster. 

Individual bulbs are frequently less expensive. Smart lights integrate with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and there’s also a standalone app that’s really well-designed. You can use that app to control your smart lighting, adjust the colors of your lighting, and more. 

  1. Smart Doorbells

Ring is one of the top home security devices on the market when it comes to smart home security. Simply ask the smart assistant to see who’s at the door with the Ring Video Doorbell, and you’ll know straight away whether deliveries have come or guests have arrived. 

You can choose to receive an alert to your phone whenever someone approaches your property and chat with any visitors who ring the doorbell using the motion sensors on the Ring Video Doorbell. One benefit over other video doorbells: It can be battery-powered, so if your doorbell isn’t hard-wired, it won’t be a problem.

  1. Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat may perform a number of tasks that a traditional mechanical thermostat cannot. Programmable settings are one of the most useful features of a digital thermostat. To measure temperature, digital thermostats employ a basic device called a thermistor. This is a resistor that provides for temperature-dependent electrical resistance. A digital thermostat’s microcontroller can measure resistance and convert that value to a temperature readout. 

In the winter, you may set it to put up the heat for an hour or two in the morning while you get ready for work, then turn it down until you get home, bring it back up in the evening, and then turn it down while you sleep. 

  1. The Smart Assistant

The Alexa voice-command enabled Amazon Echo Plus can play music, make phone calls, research information, order pizza, and control Alexa-compatible smart home devices, proving that good things come in tiny packaging. You can set a routine to raise the temperature each night, and you’ll never have to get out of bed to set the thermostat again. Take your Routine to the next level by having Alexa turn off the lights as well at your preferred bedtime.

  1. Smart Water Flow Detector

This isn’t quite what you’d call “smart home gadgets,” but it’s a must-have on our list of the finest smart home gadgets. If a pipe bursts, tub leaks, or your basement floods during a storm, the Flo water detection system gives you peace of mind. In fact, when users install a Flow detector, 60% of them uncover a leak they weren’t aware of. It tracks your water usage, detects leaks, and sends you notifications on your phone when there’s a problem, as well as shutting off the water for you.


So, this is the list of the top five home devices that are given above in this blog. All these devices are available now in many countries and you can order them online as well. These smart devices are here to make your life easier with the touch of this advanced technology.