Choosing the direction in which we want to study can sometimes be difficult, let alone deciding in which country we want to study at university. There are many factors to consider before doing so. We know that Europe is by far one of the most popular study abroad regions in the world. It can be quite difficult to decide what country, let alone city – to study in. Each country has its own unique culture and charm, and the possibilities seem endless.

Top cities to study abroad

We will list some Top cities to study abroad. These will be places in Europe as well as on other continents that have gained popularity and recognition for their excellent education and living conditions.

Melbourne, Austria

The cultural capital of Australia is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe. The average tuition at public universities in Austria is about €726.72 plus €17.50 for insurance and Austrian laws per semester. Melbourne offers world-class institutions, and the highest ranked university is the University of Melbourne at 38th in the world. Studying in Austria offers a lot of opportunities and exposure as you will enjoy the quality of education, life and beautiful landscapes. Melbourne provides one of the largest (cultural) mix of communities (students) with over 140,807 international students.


Consider Tokyo one of the Top cities to study abroad. Study is highly recommended for those who want to experience and immerse themselves in the local culture. Placed this city as the second best student city in the QS Best Student Cities ranking. The University of Tokyo is one of the highest ranked universities, also ranking 23rd in the top leading universities for social sciences and management. On days when you are less busy with universities, you can visit temples in Tokyo including Atago Temple, Kaneiji Temple or attend their endless festivals such as Setsubu, Hatsumode and Fukagawa Matsuri. If you want to support yourself then you can take advantage of the 20 hours per week to work.


London is a very popular destination in Europe among tourists. With over 118,145 international students in the city, you will live in a global and diverse community with students from over 200 countries. The QS Best Student Cities 2020 ranking puts London at the top as the best student city. The city has a total of 18 universities ranked in the QS World University ranking.