Introduction: Playing games on your PC is the most fun way to do adventure and marvel just being on your computer seat. To fight against enemies, to win battles and races, shoot your rivals and much more is available online but the question is which places are best to buy these online adventurous games. Many gamers are making million of dollars online through gaming then why are you not. In this article we’ll tell you the best online PC game store that would be granted and authorized.

Top places to buy PC games online

Buying a PC game is a huge and important investment for you to make. Now there are plenty of online places from where you can buy the games. It is important for you to check all the stores before buying a game. So that you can compare and examine the best price for yourself.

However, you end up with the confusion of how to choose the best one from all of these options. To make things easier, we have come up with a list of the best places from where you can buy PC games online:


Steam is the most obvious online store for buying PC games. Whether you are a new gamer or an old one, Steam should always be on your list when you look for places to buy PC games.

Steam is the most popular place to buy games and it has been around for a long time. It has an exceptional selection of PC games both the old and new ones. Steam accepts all currencies which is a plus point that attracts most of the customers.

Steam includes the feature of reviews as all kinds of developers add their games to the store. So, the quality of the game can really range from great to terrible, that is why be careful while choosing.


Origin is a new and emerging online store for buying PC games. It is an electronic arts gaming platform but it also includes other games as well. Origin has a limited selection of games however the platform is branching out on a daily basis to add more and more games.

Origin also has a subscription feature that offers a subscription service called origin access.

Origin access is an all-in-one monthly subscription that allows access to the origin’s entire collection of game in the form of a library. It is obvious that you can play a game with the subscription and not the ownership. But if you are someone that does not replay Agnes then this subscription is best for you. More importantly, you will always have the option to buy the games that you want to play again and again.

Epic game store

The epic game store is a new addition to the list of online gaming store for PC. It offers a better revenue share to the developers from each sale of their games. Epic also has few exclusives that are the games that you can only buy from epic. Out of the exclusives, epic has some popular ones such as the last game in the walking dead.

Epic is a nice gaming store available online, as it has reasonable prices for the games. Also, it has a nice collection of games which will not disappoint the gamer.

Humble bundle

Humble Bundle is an online gaming store that has been available for quite some time. It has a general store that sells games but the specialty of humble is the bundle offers it provides as per the name. They provide decent prices over these bundles which is a huge plus point.

The cool thing about humble bundle is that it donates a portion of each of its game sold to charity which is a very encouraging thing to do. When you buy a game on this online gaming store, you will obtain a game key that you have to activate at one of ten gaming platforms which includes steam keys, epic game keys and many more.


GOG was created as an online store for good old games; it was characterized by selling older PC games that no longer sell or run on modern PCs. Now, GOG’s developers revived rights from old games publishers which makes the game easy to run on PCs.

Recently, GOG has got modified and now it sells all kinds of games both oldies and new ones.

So, if you are someone who is trying to find an online gaming store that specifically sells old PC games then GOG is the best place for you.


When it comes to buying games Amazon is another good option. Most shoppers expect that what you’ll usually receive is a key that you can activate at Steam or on another platform, even when you receive a physical product. Inside the box will be a key.


There are many other platforms for buying games apart from Steam in the city. The good news is that you have several options to buy PC games online. Sometimes we have to buy games from other stores because they have an exclusive game. Other times you’ll want to get the best deal. Or maybe you want a portion of your purchases to go to a charity, or your games to be DRM-free. With all of these stores, you might be wondering if you should check them all out before buying a game, to make sure you get the best price. You usually have two or three favorite stores and forget the rest, unless the store has an exclusive game that you really want. So you will check two or three stores and then buy the game, make a wise decision and enjoy your games.