Families all across the United States are getting ready for a wonderful Passover celebration as the joyous occasion draws near. What better   make this celebration even more memorable than by researching the top Passover programs 2024? Take a virtual trip with Totally Jewish Travel with us as we explore some of the most alluring US Passover vacation options.

The extensive guide to Totally Jewish Travel features a countrywide expo of Passover events that are tailored to the various tastes of Jewish families. From the vibrant New York Cityscape to the tranquil Florida beaches, these programs offer a unique fusion of luxury, tradition, and community spirit.

A Haven for Luxurious Pesach Celebrations

Florida is becoming a popular choice for people looking for an opulent Pesach celebration. A mainstay in the Passover program business, Leisure Time Tours offers three amazing Pesach Resorts during Passover vacations in the USA. Among them is the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida, which has been recognized for more than 64 years for its Glatt kosher luxury experience and dedication to excellence.

Unique Pesach Moments

If you venture outside of Florida, Pesach celebrations in Georgia and Arizona provide unforgettable moments. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Stone Mountain, Georgia, Bruce Backman’s Pesach in Southeast offers a family-friendly vacation complete with beaches, golf courses, and nature trails. For Passover programs 2024, World Wide Kosher Tours is inviting travelers to Scottsdale, Arizona, where they can expect an amazing and reasonably priced stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort.

California: A Place of Elegance & Coastal Paradise

With Passover Resorts California Oceanfront 2024 at the Sonesta Redondo Beach Oceanfront Resort & Marina, the West Coast is calling. This place is the ideal combination of luxury and leisure, where families can enjoy the sun and nearby attractions while basking in the California sun.

Diverse Options for Every Family

Passover vacations in the USA accommodate a variety of preferences, from the intimacy of private villas to the communal spirit of resorts. Families can customize their Pesach experience to fit their own customs and preferences, from the upscale Waldorf Astoria® Orlando in Florida to secluded luxury villas in Orlando with A Perfect Pesach.


There are countless options as the USA gets ready to celebrate Pesach in 2024. Whether a family chooses to celebrate Pesach in the seclusion of private villas or the opulence of world-class resorts, Totally Jewish Travel’s guide guarantees that every family can create the ideal celebration. Explore the many national Passover programs and start a journey that blends custom, community, and the delight of sharing a holiday with one another.