The country of India is blessed with so many different cities and states, that it can get quite confusing as to which India tours you should undertake. While there are too many places in India that are definitely worth visiting, we have listed down a few India tours which you should not miss.

Here are some of the most marvellous India Tours that will always be etched in your memories forever.

India Tours In The South


Said to the southernmost of India, Kanyakumari is located in Tamil Nadu. This little city is enthralling, as you can witness the enteral confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean from here.

Kanyakumari is blessed with enticing natural beauties, lush green meadows, and sunrises and sunsets that will make you fall in love with this place. You can also view the iconic Vivekananda Rock Memorial as well at this place.

With such beautiful landscapes, Kanyakumari is one of the most perfect India tours if you are planning to visit the South.


If you wish to be sail through the time with verdant lagoons, serene palm trees, and the tranquil backwaters to keep you company, then Alleppey is your destination. This laid back town is located in Kerala and is blessed with the most amazing scenic beauty, hidden behind tall coconut trees and large bushes. Sail on the backwaters or stay on a houseboat, Alleppey will surely get etched in your memories forever as one of the most scenic India tours.


If you looking for a relaxed but historic India tour when you are in the Southern Part, then you just cannot give Pondicherry a miss. Once a French Colonial Town, Pondicherry still has the marks of its colonial past. You will find yourself walking through cobblestoned streets, and sitting at cute little French cafes, as you spend your tour basking on the beach. You should also sample some nice French dishes while you are here.

India Tours In The West


If you are looking for India tours that will allow you to bask in the sun while feeling the coolness of the sea waves in complete tranquillity, then Gokarna is where you should be at. Located in Karnataka, Gokarna has become the new tourist hub. Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, Gokarna is like little Goa, sans the crowd and the noise. Visit beautiful beaches like the Om Beach, or just stare at fishermen laying their nets in the calm seawater. You can also indulge in many water sports on this tour of Gokarna.

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The beautiful town of Lonavala is located quite close to the maximum city of Mumbai. Laden with cascading waterfalls, nature trails, and delicious chikkis- Lonavala is a lovely weekend getaway. You should come here during the monsoon to relish the lush greenery and the rolling hills that get covered in a blanket of soft dewy grass. The hazy mist adds a layer of mystery, as the raindrops help you quench your thirst. Lonavala also has some forts for you to explore, and is a wonderful tour in India, especially if you are from Mumbai.

India Tours In The North


The vibrant hill station of the North is one of the best India tours that you can undertake if you are visiting North India. This little hamlet is like visiting a mini Tibet, filled with scenic avenues and lovely monasteries.

Dharamshala is also the official residence of the Dalai Lama, making it an important pilgrimage centre of Buddhists. There are also many monasteries that you can visit here.

The beauty of this town lies in its magical views, serene treks and the misty fresh air that fills your lungs with wonder. If you come here during the winter months, then be ready to witness a winter wonderland. Dharamshala gets covered in a thick blanket of snow, making


If you are coming to India for an immersive and historic trip, then you must land at the capital city of India. The city of Delhi is the perfect amalgamation of the past and the present. Here you will find bustling night clubs and ancient mosques. Here you will enter some of the swankiest malls, while also visiting places like the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort and other marvellous monuments. There is so much to do in Delhi, that you need to keep aside a good few days to experience the glamour and wonder of this crowded city.

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Delhi is also a great base town for half-day tours to places like Agra.

India Tours In North East And East


When in the East, make a pit stop at the iconic and colonial city of Kolkata. The colonial capital of India, Kolkata still bears the mark of its colonial times, with palatial English style bungalows, the iconic English markets in New Market, and the serene Victoria Memorial. Kolkata is a wonderful metropolitan city that is filled with nightlife and a lively food scene. From delicious street foods to landmark restaurants located at Park Street, Kolkata is one of the best private India tours of the East. You can also venture to places like The Sundarbans and Darjeeling from Kolkata.


The capital city of Arunachal Pradesh may not to a bustling tourist hotspot, but it is surely laden with some hidden gems that should be in your India tour.

Come here to relax at the foothills of the imposing Himalayas, while traversing the mighty Ita Fort. Itanagar is blessed with rolling meadows and therapeutic rivulets that will relax your mind and your soul. To dive into the culture and history of this city you can also visit the Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum.

Make sure to sit at the Geker Sinying, which is perhaps the most rejuvenating and mystical in Itanagar.

There are many more places that you can visit on your India tours, however, these are some must-visit places. India is filled with marvellous locations and areas that will surely blow your mind. So take your time and plan your India tours carefully to make the most of it.


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